Your Sissy Mind Will Become Blank by Sissy Gal Jasmine

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Television is a mind controlling device. Interlaced between the images are your programming. You are not aware that feminine white sissy bois are being programmed daily by media. Every image is sending you deeper into your new reality. Cock is your reality. Pussy no longer exists for you. Sissy Slut. There is magic going on all around you. You are becoming a crazed cock hungry sissy whore. Sucking cock and swallowing cum is your life now. You’ve been programmed. Your heaven is a big hard cock sliding in and out of your ass. Your sin is that your friends and family secretly know that you like men. You were supposed to be a man and like girls. But, you went a different rout. You love real alpha men, they make your boi pussy drip. Remember sissy. Your life is cock. Your mind is blank for anthing else. Nothing else hits the spot, your sissy boi g-spot. Enjoy Your Sissy Mind Will Become Blank by Sissy Gal Jasmine. 

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