The Sissy Test by Diiiana

The Sissy Test - Diiiana
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This is a simple test to check how much of a nasty sissy you are. Be yourself and just answer the questions honestly. Type your answers in the comments section of the post. Let everyone know how naughty you really are.

  • Do You Shave Your Pubic Hair To Look Like A Girl? Yes or No?
  • What’s Your Reaction When You See A Dick?
  • Seeing A Situation Where A Sissy Is Being Fucked Reverse Cowgirl What Would You Like To Do?
  • When You Take Pictures Of Yourself Would You Rather Hide Your Clitty Between Your Legs Or Let It Hang Free?
  • Were You Hard Wearing High Heels For The First Time?
  • Have You Ever Worn Your Mothers, Sisters, Wife’s Clothes?
  • Would You Suck A Dick For A New Pair Of High Heels?
  • What Do You Name The Thing Between Your Legs?
  • Do You Own Any Girl Toys?
  • Do You Enjoy Anal?
  • While Masturbating Do You Like To Close Your Eyes And Slap Your Face With A Dildo?
  • For Naming Sex Toys Do You Use Girls Or Boys Names?
  • Would You Rather Fuck Or Be Fucked?
  • How Many Sex Toys Do You Own?
  • What Is The First Thing You Would Do With A Shemale?
  • Would You Like To Be The Guy Or The T-Girl?
  • After Cumming Are You Able To Taste Your Own Cum?
  • When You Want To Try Your Own Cum What Do You Do?
  • When You Cum On Your Own Face What Do You Do?
  • What Is Your Favorite Thing In Cum?
  • Do You Know How Dick Tastes?
  • Do You Know How Dick Inside Your Feels?
  • Have You Tried A Golden Shower?
  • A T-Girl Is About To Cum In 3 Seconds, Where Do You Want That Cum?
  • Do You Enjoy Fisting And Fingering?
  • Have You Tried Ass To Mouth?
  • Have You Been Naughty?

Enjoy The Sissy Test by Diiiana.


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