The Sissy Cum Swallow Instruction Series

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Today is the day you have been waiting for sissy. I know you’ve been visiting all day in anticipation of this moment. This’s own sissy cum swallow instruction series. Today is the day you become a cumslut for life! You know good sissies follow instructions. Can you follow these instructions to cumslut heaven? I think you can. I know you can. I believe in you sissy. Following instructions and swallowing cum is second nature to a true sissy slut like you. So here we go…

First of all you will need a few items before we get started. Headphones and a Glass (because this where you will ruin your orgasm!). You will also need to be wearing your sluttiest outfit, sexiest platform shoes and be in full make up.

This is an exciting time for you isn’t it! Heart pounding. Butterflies in your tummy. You’re already licking your lips in anticipation of your gooey reward. Can you hold out for 62 minutes to Cock Hero Shemale Starlets 6?

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: When VIDEO ONE says for you to ‘CUM’ make sure you ruin your orgasm into that glass. By RUIN YOUR ORGASM I mean you EDGE constantly until you reach the point of no return then STOP FAPPING and shoot into the glass. You will be still frustrated and horny and will be more willing to follow VIDEO TWO where the real fun starts…


Congratulations! if you got to 62 minutes before ruining your orgasm into that glass, if you followed my instructions you now have a huge load of jizz and you are still horny. Well, pick up that glass you dirty sissy slut, the next part is where you become what you’ve always dreamed of – a cumslut for life! This is what you’ve been waiting for… Remember don’t swallow until you’re instructed. You are going to enjoy this Episode 6 the Britney Spears Cum Trainer from Deep Slut Puppy.


AMAZING! CONGRATULATIONS SISSY! You are now a true cumwhore for life! You know what SUBMISSION TASTES LIKE! I am so proud of you princess. You are now well on your way to becoming the sexy sissy girly girl you have always dreamed of. You will NEVER be the same again. You will remember this day for the rest of your life. This is the day that you took the step towards becoming a real girly girl sissy slut…

Empty Glass of Cum All Gone All Swallowed

By the way, you’ll already know this, but for those who are not yet true sissy sluts and didn’t go through with it will have missed out on this amazing secret… after 8 minutes of VIDEO TWO your mouth would be so full it would bulge because when you poured your load in your mouth saliva builds up automatically and in the 8th minute, when you swallow it is like you’ve taken the loads of a group of men! How about that? Now you now know what its like to be in a circle jerk where you swallow all the bukkake goodness!


20 Responses to “The Sissy Cum Swallow Instruction Series”

  1. naughtyboy says:

    Thanks babe! Amazing series, they really work, after months of trying to drink my own creamy cum following your videos has enabled me to do just that.
    I can still taste it now.
    I even licked my glass clean!

    • Lee says:

      thank you and a big thank you to Rich L. for fucking my gf and sending her home to me with her pussy freshly fucked and her pussy filled with your very thick n creamy cum … I rather enjoyed every minute of that night licking and sucking all your thick man cream out of her for hours .. I never knew that cum could smell and taste so fucking amazing !!! Now my biggest fantasy Rich is to suck your fat cock and have you pump that amazing thick load of yours right down my throat !! Rich L. you are a god

  2. Kenny says:

    This was the HOTTEST thing I’ve ever done solo

  3. Stupid Man says:

    I started watching video hypnosis because it was funny and i didnt believe in this things ..but.. with the time few a few.. I was fall in this videos hypnosis about sissys.. and finally while I am write this words I am eating my own cum. BECAUSE I AM A SISSY A STUPID SISSY EAT OWN CUM.. THE RESISTAN IS FUTILE YOU NEED TURN INTO A SISSY LIKE ME

  4. steve says:

    all i can say is wow

  5. sissisindee says:

    Oh my fucking GOSH! Finally tried this last night and was blown away by the experience! I think I only really managed to edge twice near the end of the first video, so I have room for improvement on my next try (which will be VERY soon! <3) but that was still enough to enjoy DSP 5 on a level I'd never experienced before!

    Some advice for the sexy little sissies attempting this: you don't require slutty outfits, but you do need to make sure you're all alone and secure because this whole process takes about a full hour to complete. Also, if you're having trouble with the first video and can't get hard right away (like I did… hehe) it's alright if you watch something else for a while so you can get there and really go to work. So stick with it, and don't puss-out, sissy!

    I was also really curious about the buildup of saliva when I held my cum in my mouth. While that DID happen, it wasn't tremendous, but that's okay. I did feel like such a total slut when I downed my load and came right away into my shot glass… swallowed that after I finished… total bliss! <3

    So, thank you for this, Sissy Hypnosis Club! This cum-loving slut will keep coming back for more! The astounding pleasure of that edging (was breathing SO hard during that!) was worth my time and effort on its own, but getting to swallow all that cum to one of the hottest videos on the Internet was one of the most satisfying erotic experiences I've ever had!

    Ten hard cocks out of ten! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Sissyboycumluver says:

    OMFG!!!! This is just the prescription for all guys out there that chicken out/lose interest after cumming. I tried it the first time and found the same as some of the other commenters, I just didn’t have a full mouth at the end of the 7 min. It was a fantastic rush though. So I tried again, this time though I saved up 5 full loads, and let me tell you by the 7th min this time I was full to the brim, not to mention the flavour didn’t get diluted out by all the saliva. By the time the second video told me to swallow, I felt like I had taken 10 loads in my mouth. I am bookmarking this page and am a full on cum guzzler for life. Now I just need to find some steady cock to blow!!!

  7. Eric says:

    I just tried this yesterday. I was so horny thinking about doing it up until I came. I did do it though. The taste was a bit much to get through. I’ll have to try some more. I still want to suck some cock.

  8. RJ says:

    I loved it
    Would love to try it with a cock in my mouth

  9. Joei says:

    I am going to do it for real tomorrow. Thank you. So Nervous.

  10. Joei says:

    This did it. Tried this two days ago and today I sucked my first cock and swallowed! It was awesome!!! Thank you!

  11. Gabbi says:

    Great videos, even better experience. The only thing that has made me not chicken out at the end

  12. John says:

    Yummie…I now live for cum. I need a daily dose and more.

  13. Katie says:

    I would love give motivation or inspiration to a new hypno video, where you save X amount of loads in individual shot glasses (example 5), before the video starts. Then you are told you are going to be the center of attention at a blowbang. Each load has very detailed instructions of how to swallow. In addition a really hot idea is to have the rhythm bar from the “Cock hero” videos but the rhythm is how to bounce on a dildo!

    -Rolling it around on your tongue for the next guy to get him off.
    -Taking two shots as if two guys shot there load in your mouth at the same time
    -Blowing little bubbles, gargling while the next guys are watching

  14. says:

    Hi, yall. While cumming at the end am I to edge multiple times into my glass, or just once? I am afraid just one of my little sissy loads aren’t enough to fill my hungry mouth.

    Any tips for a girl? <3

    • tslvr says:

      Instead of edging until the end for one ruined orgasm, I unintentionally ruined multiple (3 to 4) orgasms throughout the Cock Hero. At about round 6, the stroke pattern got so intense, I didn’t preemptively control my muscles to not reach orgasm, so I was forced to ruin.

      I don’t know about others, but after about 2 ruined orgasms, I am completely milked. Because I masturbate at least once a day, my “single” load is usually unimpressive.

      I just finished this series last night, and it was amazing. However, I DID do BSCT many times before using saved loads from prior sessions. May i suggest, saving a load or two, and then doing this series to have a sizable load for the BSCT?

  15. Sissyfairygirl says:

    I love that video series…it is so good. I usually watch a couple times a week…i am such a cum whore…thank you for posting the videos…kisses!

  16. Submissive Sissy Slut says:

    Mmmmmm. What a delicious assignment and treat. I edged several times and when I held it in my mouth for 8 minutes I feel like a cheap whore who had just sucked off a row of guys. Very hot … and good to the last drop. Thank you. ?

  17. TS Superfan says:

    I have jerked off to several sissy training videos and this is by far the best for cum swallowing. I always lose the feeling to swallow other than when I cum directly in my mouth with my legs over my head (but that is very uncomfortable and cumming does not feel as good). I did exactly as instructed in this video and loved it. I did two straight sessions and swallowed two loads. I will definitely watch again. I can’t wait to be a cum slut for the next TS escort I visit.

  18. tslvr says:

    I was wondering what masturbation method people use? (e.g. Fleshlight, Tenga Egg, lube, spit, dry, etc.) I usually don’t use lube or toy, and that may help with endurance through the Cock Hero. Was just wondering if anyone can go through it with a, say…. a fleshlight? Just wanted to share ideas, techniques, and experience!


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