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SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by EmperorHypnos

SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition - EmperorHypnos
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So my little sissy hypno sluts. You feminised subservient whore. You know your ultimate goal is to serve big black cock. Let the sissy hypnosis wash over you making you a girly gurl, all dressed up in feminine frilly clothing wearing thick slutty make-up just aching to be penetrated by big black dick. Being submissive is how you live your life, an inferior boi used and abused by black alpha males. You love being a whore for black cock. Swallowing cum. You love being a sissy hypnosis whore. Enjoy SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by .

Sissymaker by Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos

Emma Nice - EmporerHypnos - Sissymaker
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Another amazing creator of Sissy Hypnosis videos is Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos. This video is called ‘Sissymaker’ and when you watch it, you will become a sissy craving cock and cum for the rest of your life.

Watch in full screen in a darkened room, with headphones on to get the full effect. Enjoy. I know you will.

Deep Slut Puppy – Episode 6

Deep Slut Puppy - Episode 6
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This sissy hypnosis video is unbelievably hot. I absolutely love it. In fact I am addicted. I have swallowed loads of cum to this video, but can you last until the end? I bet you can’t you eager bimbo cocksucker.

Check out her site to download a full HD 720p version of this amazing sissy hypno trainer. Check out her other videos here at fidel-loft.ru xoxo