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The Sissy Test by Diiiana

The Sissy Test - Diiiana
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This is a simple test to check how much of a nasty sissy you are. Be yourself and just answer the questions honestly. Type your answers in the comments section of the post. Let everyone know how naughty you really are.

  • Do You Shave Your Pubic Hair To Look Like A Girl? Yes or No?
  • What’s Your Reaction When You See A Dick?
  • Seeing A Situation Where A Sissy Is Being Fucked Reverse Cowgirl What Would You Like To Do?
  • When You Take Pictures Of Yourself Would You Rather Hide Your Clitty Between Your Legs Or Let It Hang Free?
  • Were You Hard Wearing High Heels For The First Time?
  • Have You Ever Worn Your Mothers, Sisters, Wife’s Clothes?
  • Would You Suck A Dick For A New Pair Of High Heels?
  • What Do You Name The Thing Between Your Legs?
  • Do You Own Any Girl Toys?
  • Do You Enjoy Anal?
  • While Masturbating Do You Like To Close Your Eyes And Slap Your Face With A Dildo?
  • For Naming Sex Toys Do You Use Girls Or Boys Names?
  • Would You Rather Fuck Or Be Fucked?
  • How Many Sex Toys Do You Own?
  • What Is The First Thing You Would Do With A Shemale?
  • Would You Like To Be The Guy Or The T-Girl?
  • After Cumming Are You Able To Taste Your Own Cum?
  • When You Want To Try Your Own Cum What Do You Do?
  • When You Cum On Your Own Face What Do You Do?
  • What Is Your Favorite Thing In Cum?
  • Do You Know How Dick Tastes?
  • Do You Know How Dick Inside Your Feels?
  • Have You Tried A Golden Shower?
  • A T-Girl Is About To Cum In 3 Seconds, Where Do You Want That Cum?
  • Do You Enjoy Fisting And Fingering?
  • Have You Tried Ass To Mouth?
  • Have You Been Naughty?

Enjoy The Sissy Test by Diiiana.

Things I Would Like You To Try, Taste And Feel by Diiiana

Things I Would Like You To Try, Taste and Feel - Diiiana
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During lockdown I am setting a list of things you need to try. As a sissy slut you need to explore some of the wilder things that you can do while dressed up as a girl. First of all… Try fucking yourself. Try being fucked by a sex machine. Try getting together with another sissy slut and jerking off each other. Try sucking your own dick. Try frottage with that special friend. Try sucking a couple of dicks at once. Try cumming hands free. Try receiving a nice warm creampie. Try slap yourself with a dick. Try getting face fucked. Try receiving a piledriver. Try riding a dildo or cock while sucking. Try out your local gloryhole. Try having fun with double ended dildo. Definitely try tasting and eating more cum. Try eating Marshmallows from your ass. Try getting rewarded in your mouth and on your face. I am going to try all of these. I hope you will too… Enjoy Things I Would Like You To Try, Taste And Feel by Diiiana.