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Do you hear that sweety. That’s the sound of your brain dripping away. That’s right. Drip, Drip Drip. You’re going to get dumb for me while you play with yourself. Because, if you think about it, that’s all your really good for. Playing with yourself and let your brain drip away. It’s so easy. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cock or a cunt, you’re going to get wet throughout. The hornier you are, the more you drip and the more you drip the dumber you get. There’s really no escape and no fighting it. So play with yourself. That’s right. Be the dirty little pervert that you know you are. It doesn’t matter what makes you dumb. It’s doesn’t matter that your brain is dripping away. Drip, drip, drip with every second you play with yourself. That’s nothing to worry about sweety, if you’re even capable of worry. You just know your place. You just play with yourself – FOREVER. Its more important than anything. That thing between your legs, it’s going to do all your thinking from now on. Doesn’t it feel so good, so good to give in. So good to submit. That’s right drip, drip, drip – So just play with yourself…



  • Jayme Gulyas

    God, I so want my brain to drip away, and I want to only suck cock. I may be a biological male, but I’m 100%
    A SLUT, and I know that I’m a girl whose only purpose in life is to be a CUMDUMP. I’m not good for anything else except to shop.

    I’m asking for your help in making my wish cum true


  • beautyview

    good girl!

  • It’s like crazy sissy sexy hot. Like I think it’s crazy that I keep coming back. I love ya.


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