SissyMaker 6 by EmperorHypnos

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Here is a Sissy Hypnosis video that you’ve been waiting a whole year for. SissyMaker 6 by . It’s not officially uploaded by , it was uploaded by someone at the group, so it is likely to be taken down at some point. If you enjoy it, please consider donating to site.

I do recommend that you purchase the entire PPV collection from listing. You can get Full HD versions of: Cum Slut Destiny 2, GloryHole Whore (2 versions, one is a poppers edition), SissyMaker 2, SissyMaker 6 and SissyMaker 6 with no captions, SissyMaker 6 Remix, SissyMaker 3 720p, Cock Slut Obsession, Sissy Mind Breaker, Cum Dumpster Submission, SissyMaker 5 Part 1 and Part 2. As well as 3 audio hypnosis tracks. All this for about $35! Most of this content is not available via Adult Video Sharing sites.

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3 Responses to “SissyMaker 6 by EmperorHypnos”

  1. brlong1 says:

    Considering that Emperorhypnos uses copyrighted material to make their videos which, 1. They haven’t paid for and 2. They’ve taken from outher sources, I find it a bit rich that they’ve the audacity to request that this video be removed from a host of online tube sites.

    What a cheeky c****, in my opinion!

    If you’re reading this Emperorhypnos I’ve found another site where I’ve managed to download Sissymaker 6 for free, I’ll never pay for your videos EVER ON PRINCIPLE!

  2. hypnoboi says:

    : you are one of those who likes to enjoy the sissyhypnos contents, but will never help creators … ok, you’re free to paid or not, it’s your way of seeing the sharing in the community “sissy” (you can take but never give ) … but What I don’t understand is that you dare to complain (?!) XD (the world is crazy).
    think about it, without a little help Emperorhypnos wouldn’t continue to make hes creations (which are real masterpieces in the world of … About copyrighted materials (informer), this can only be positive for the sales of these pornographic firms.
    so, if you read my comment one day .. think about it and go on gumroad and buy all the beautiful music tracks of emperorhypnos. After that, you only can thank her for the quality of her work …

  3. Need Sauce says:

    who is this at 1:43?
    Maybee sauce`?


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