Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos

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In three minutes you are going to know for certain that you are a sissy slut. The quality of Sissy Hypnosis videos now created makes my first effort pale into insignificance. Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos has done it once again and created a masterpiece. Just like sugar, cocaine, caffeine, vivid imagery and suggestive audio is used to stimulate parts of your brain. The effect is permanent. I have been looking at pornography for such a long time I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. What would be the reason I would like to share my passion, my addiction, with others. Pornography is addictive. Pornography is homosexual, all of it. Focus on the penis entering the vagina, the anus, the mouth. Multiple penises in a scene. Ejaculate on the breasts, on the stomach, on the ass, on the face. What exactly is getting you off? Do you focus on the man or the woman, does the homosexual act excite you? The number of sissies around the world is growing considerably. This new generation of men are so feminine. Just look at all the cam sites. Just look at this video to see some of the most beautiful transsexual pornstars currently on offer. Several years ago, we weren’t this lucky. Society has turned the tables on humanity. Where there were strict gender lines now lies in tatters. Sissies everywhere. Gay bars and clubs are popping up everywhere and vast numbers of college age students are coming out of the closet. Promiscuity is rampant. Every stimulus is sexual in nature. Society has designed it that way. Remember you are a slave. Don’t think for yourself, be hypnotized. From television to magazine to advertising and fashion, music to movies. Its about keeping you focused within the genital chakra.

We are being hypnotized every day. Its not your fault that you are having sissy thoughts. You are now addicted. The number of sissies that have contacted me for help, for me to control their entire life would cause me to be able to open such a service to provide sissies as servants, as sex slaves to be used, while I live the life of royalty. But, isn’t that exactly what those who control our every moment do already? They hypnotize us into thinking we are free, into thinking we are in control, when they are the ones using our labor, our sexuality, our bodies for their gratification. I say, YES, I will turn all you sissies into my slaves. You will keep me in the life I am accustomed to and YOU WILL love me for it. As your queen. I will control your every move. You will worship me. You will stop wearing a man’s clothes. You will stop having a man’s thoughts. You will start to wear pretty dresses, wear make up, grow your hair long and flowing, wear high heels, and have the thoughts of a sissy bimbo whore. You know it’s all you want now. All this sexual stimulation has turned you into a dirty faggot sissy slut. You love it. You want it more than anything in the world. I am going to give it to you. But, what are you going to give me? I want your soul. Give it to me and I will make your every dream, your every wish, my command. Worship me sissy! Enjoy Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos.


14 Responses to “Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos”

  1. Scott says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO it really bring my inner sissy to power please make more videos like this but longer

  2. SissyConfused says:

    I need some advice please.

    It’s strange for me because I’ve always been attracted to women and have only ever had girlfriends. Whilst I have never been attracted to men or the male form I have since a young age been turned on by being dominated/humiliated. I also reached a point long before ever seeing sissy hypnosis videos where I was wearing my mum’s high heels, putting on make-up and sucking bananas like they were cocks when I had the urge occasionally (and then squirting something that looked like cum on my face). I also got obsessed with a video where the girl gets ‘forced’ into a gangbang and found myself imitating the scenes as her and wanting to be her. I also have a recurring fantasy where I am dressed as a woman in make up, lingerie, high-heels and fully shaved and get gangbanged as such whilst being filmed. Again this came before ever watching any sissy hypno porn (which turns me on massively). Nonetheless I still am more attracted to women and can’t imagine fucking men without being dressed in erotic outfits/lingerie/make up. It’s very strange. Furthermore, since stumbling across sissy hypno videos I have bought dildos and tend to have one up my ass whilst sucking on two others and having a sissy hypno video playing. The thought of being dominated by huge cocks and being fucked in the mouth and ass at the same time is a massive turn on but I only feel attracted to the cocks themselves.

    Any advice on this and can anyone relate? Part of me really wants to live out my fantasy and get gangbanged whilst dressed as a ‘sissy’ but I wouldn’t want to change my gender etc or do it all the time. Can anyone else related to the banana/dildo thing too?

  3. michelle says:

    this made me so horny,, I loved it very much,,,i wish I was in the video..

  4. Stephanie says:

    You have two choices, honey: either give up porn right now, and walk away forever, and HOPE that you won’t sink further into the abyss; or, give IN … let it all happen naturally.

    Everything you’ve described is classic attrition. We’ve all gone through it. First, you think, Wow, that guy has a big cock. Then, you enjoy watching his sperm cover her tummy/face. Then you enjoy watching his sperm squirt out, and even get turned on by the volume, pressure …

    Soon, that becomes the focus of your attention. She has such a beautiful cunt, yes … and oh, you soon wonder, how I wish I had such a beautiful pussy. Hers is so pretty, so soft and beautiful and sweet. Look how is BIG COCK stretches her. That must feel incredible for her. I wish my cock could stretch such a pretty pussy so beautifully, fill her so completely, really make her feel like a woman.

    Before long, you’re admiring his cock more than the beauty of her pussy. His cock is sooooo big, sooo thick, sooooo manly, you think. I wish my cock were so big … and strong. And masculine. And beautiful. His cock is sooooo gorgeous. It becomes your focus. Now you notice differences between men in porn: this guy has an average cock, that guy has a … really huge cock. Gosh, and it’s so beautiful, too. And you notice their balls: that guy has such a … beautiful … big cumsack! Oh, my gosh!

    And look, it’s so silky … his hangs down more than that guy’s, it’s bigger and heavier, looks like it’s just bloated with sperm … what am I thinking?

    Where has the girl gone, Sissy? Did you notice her?

    Oh, yes, she’s so sexy. Look at her pussy, so beautiful. Don’t you wish you could lick it, or push your co — no, wait. What must it feel like to BE HER, to feel those manly cocks gently and elegantly push the folds of her gorgeous cunt aside and force their way in? That thickness, oooooh … that has to feel good.

    Are you still with me, Sissy?

    We’ve all been there. It is an invevitable regression, and you can fight it and lose, or give in … and win.

    Give in.

    You keep watching, and of course women are your thing. You’re not into men. But … you have to admit … that guy sure does have a sexy ass. So muscular. And you’re not into guys, but he sure does have a great body. Maybe you were muscular and sexy like that, once, but not anymore. Look how his sexy ass flexes and bunches as he pounds into her. Look at his tummy, so flat and muscular. How does his hair grow so perfect all over his … body?

    Stay with me, Sissy …

    You trim, emulating what you’ve seen in the videos. “If that guy can do it, so can I,” you think. And once you try it, you find that stroking a razor along your testes is easier than you thought it would be. You admire yourself in the mirror. Not bad! Now let’s trim further. That big, bushy patch has to go …

    The results are disappointing. You don’t look like the men — sorry, porn stars — who inspired you to do this to begin with.

    Oh, but you haven’t done that, have you. No, you just wear panties and fuck yourself with a dildo.

    Honey, you are already lost. You need a man, just like the rest of us.

    Insist that you prefer women. Rage against the notion that you have any attraction to men — “except for their cocks,” right, all whilst you wear women’s underthings and shove dildoes up your sissypussy. Fight it. Fight it! But stop denying it.

    Like everyone else, you didn’t need hypnos, the porn did it for you … faggot.

    You won’t admit it here, but you do love men, and their sexy bodies. You love, like we do, their muscularity, and variety — for you and for us — is, this guy is smooth and hunky and that guy is hairy and hunky, and they’re both sexy as hell! You crave BOTH of them. Just like we do. You’re no better than us, Sissy — we are exactly the same.

    “But I don’t find men in real life sexually attractive!” you protest. No. Not yet. But eventually, you will.

    You will notice differences. Some men have impressively round, sexy butts, have you noticed? Of course, you do. Some men in suits, filling them out even then, and other guys in denim, others still in various materials. So many men with cute asses! Wait … stop. I am not a faggot. I do NOT find men attractive. I am NOT sexually attracted to men! …

    Ohmigosh! that ass, did you see that? Oh … it’s a guy. Well, still. Wow, he sure does have a sexy ass.

    Watch more porn. Dig deeper. Of course you prefer women, Sissy, we all do! Prefer to BE a woman. Keep watching. Stare intently.

    You know, part of being a woman is just relenting. Letting men have their way with you. We derive a huge amount of our pleasure from that, just knowing that we were sexy enough to make him cum. I was once a member of the BDSM community (almost forced out, because I started loving cocks more than pussy), and I can tell you that the “rape” fantasy is completely feminine.

    Sissy, your fantasy is one most of us have. We long for men to take us — to use us for their own selfish gratification. The more men, the better, because the more men there are, the more it reinforces our idea that they find us sexy enough to fuck us in the first place. We’re so hot, all these sexy guys with hot bodies and beautiful, big, thick, rock-hard cocks line up to USE us!

    That’s affirmation, and it’s what we’re all about.

    We are WOMEN. Genetically or not, we are women. And we love men.

    So do you.

  5. Angelablack772 says:

    Hi SissyConfused,

    Your comments sound extremely familiar. Don’t hold back, just dress up and do everything you want to. Just have the conversation with that person in the mirror and you’ll be juat fine. And before you know it you’ll be on your knees having a great time.

  6. says:

    Love Seattle JasmineOne can’t help but love n adore her. As well, as are we friends on fetlife with caramels t girls. Everyone who takes place in the AVN Awards is a winner in my book. Porn stars to photographers are shoo amazing in all they do. As do I appreciate grooby n others for just being themselves. It’s like I’d love to do applyMaybe in work on anyMaybel

  7. Jimmy says:

    Can someone tell me how to not be afraid to eat my own cum

    • Stephanie says:


      If you tend to get super-horny and cum several times a day/session, try cumming in a shot glass, or some other very small container, like a ramekin. Keep it somewhere handy, at room temperature, and as long as it’s not too long before you get horny again, it’ll still be perfectly safe.

      Start watching your favorite videos, like the ones you see here 🙂 Then, when you get rock-hard and your brain begins melting as you get needier and hornier, before you cum, grab that shot glass and just put your tongue in there. You don’t have to consume the entire contents the first time, just get a little taste.

      I will bet you just about anything that that will do the trick, help you overcome your fear. In fact, I would be willing to bet further that you will want to do it again. And again. And soon, you will go from cumming into your own hand and consuming it immediately, to getting it fresh from the tap!

      At that point, you will realize that a man’s sperm always tastes sweeter and more delicious than yours. And you will need it, crave it, all the time …

      (Plus, you will find it incredibly arousing to feel his gorgeous cock swelling and pulsating in your mouth, and feeling his piping-hot, yummy semen hitting the back of your throat, and you’ll get addicted to that feeling, too!)

  8. says:

    Well Jimmy, u can always freeze it n then when u get the urge, just throw it into glass of water, with few other ice cubes. Pre cum is delightful in any sense, start there. Put it in tin foil n throw it in your freezer. Eventually u won’t care about freezing it anymore lol. Never had that issue. As was bisexual , as well as had been cleared for sex reassignment twice long before hypnosis came along. I’ve used hypnosis long before I was ever turned onto sissy hypnosis though.

    I think the gayest thing I’ve ever done, was try to screw a woman haha

  9. Jimmy says:

    Thank u I just tried it an it was the best thing I have ever done

  10. SIssyMiniCock says:

    Were can I get a hold of Emma Nice? I really want them to make a hypnosis video with the song ‘Live it – Klaas remix by fentura’ I think it’d be amazing! 😛

  11. LilSissyJhoanna says:

    Does anyone know who the sexy blonde sucking the bbc at 0:44, 1:01 and a few other spots is? Cause she would be like an idol to me.

  12. Bruno Dajin says:

    Hello beautiful,
    Could you please tell me the name of the fabulous track you have used for this video’s soundtrack, please?
    I’m literally obsessed with it and you have such an awesome taste in Dance Music!
    Thanks a LOT, Mr Maker…
    Bruno from Paris

  13. Brittbabe says:

    I think it’s an awesome video. I have watched it over and over. Wanting a big hard cock right now.


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