Cock Sucking Hypnosis Self Help

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What do you daydream about every day? Your mind wanders off to the land where you are being fucked by a strong alpha male. You spend more time in your daydream every day you no longer care about anything else. Sucking big dicks has consumed you. Sissy Hypnosis has worked its magic on you. You are no longer seeking pussy, you are seeking cock. Big, hard, fat, long cock that you can gag on. Stop daydreaming sissy. Be the slut you always wanted. All it takes is a little courage. You are a sissy. Admit it. Admit it now. Start sucking dick, right now. Enjoy Cock Sucking Hypnosis Self Help.


2 Responses to “Cock Sucking Hypnosis Self Help”

  1. Socalsissy says:

    If anyone needs ass to use Hmu on kik. Anythingoes16

  2. RC says:

    Why do faggot hypnosis videos show women sucking cocks? It is no inspiration for a man needing to learn to suck cocks on demand.


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