Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker

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Dress up in your sissy slutwear. Pretty makeup makes pretty fembois. Show off your figure. Shave yourself smooth. Present your best assets. Public exposure. Feminine Piercings. Hypno therapy. Posture correction. Anal stretching. Orgasm control. Verbal abuse. Breast augmentation. Coerced prostitution. Bimbo training. Webcam solicitation. Chastity control. Degradation management. Forced anal orgasm. Escort Etiquette. Learned Helplessness. Feminine tattoos. Buttplug Dilation. Hormone Therapy. Mind rewiring. Lock away your clitty. Stuff your fuck hole. Stretch yourself wider. Sissies have no shame. Perfect. Fuck yourself harder. Learn to love abuse. Train until it hurts. Crave the taste of cock. Submit to your superiors. Ride dick like its your job. Get used by random men. Exist for their abuse. Perfect. Surrender to black cock. Perfect. Fulfill your fantasy. Always for sale. Whore. Slut. Bimbo. Hooker. Don’t think. Do as you’re told. Love to be degraded. Bimbo fuckdolls take big dicks. Please cock. Whore. Slut. Bimbo. Hooker. Pathetic. Sissy. Cumdumpster. Sissies deserve gangbangs. Learn to love the pain. Please multiple men. Rape makes you happy. Congratulations! You’re a sissy fuckslut. Time to claim your prize! Game Over… Enjoy Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker (I am thinking this is a contender for best Sissy Hypnosis 2019! What do you think? (said November 6, 2018) – I was right lol! (said April 21, 2019)

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9 Responses to “Sissy Perfect Trainer by Leyendecker”

  1. Gigi5919 says:

    Very very hot and tasty !!!
    These videos are definitely dangerous. Watch too many of these any you can never go back

  2. Alexandra says:

    Watching this video with this () for just its audio was amazing! I suggestion the combination to everyone!

  3. Lee says:

    I do agree. If being “programmed” to want men for real isn’t really what you want, hypno vids can ruin you for str8 sex. I love ’em

  4. Rhonni says:

    I’m new to the game but very eager and these vids are great.Now just need to get abused.

  5. Claire1983 says:

    I’m totally transfixed watching these vids…I am turning sissy..did not think possible

  6. sissyslut63 says:

    One of the best I’ve seen for a while … hot 😉

  7. Roman2792 says:

    27 yr old str8 male love these videos so fucking hot. Would absolutely love to be one of those lucky guys. Idk why but I’ve just always had a massive trans/sissy fetish.

  8. Willy says:

    It helps but I am so in need of becoming a woman. Anyone that can help further

  9. Ria says:

    I’m a cute, thin, smooth sissy slut. I have lots of videos and pics of my hookups. Who can I talk to about getting some of my clips in a quality sissy hypnosis video?


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