Sissy Mantra Humiliation by KinkySissyFag

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Memorize this mantra girls “I was born a stupid cunt. I am a simple piece of fuckmeat. Unless I am serving I am nothing. I am only purpose when I’m filled with cock. Only my body is of value and it does not belong to me. I am only pretty when covered in spit and cum. I want dick in any of my holes at any time. I will not say no. I am a stupid set of fuck holes. I exist solely for your amusement and the entertainment of men. I am a nasty trashy fuckslut. I will expose myself whenever and wherever I am told to. I am a receptical for jizz. I am a cum dumpster. I want to be bathed and filled with spunk. I want all men to fill me with cock. I will follow orders because I am a dumb slut and I don’t know what’s best for me. I am a cum drinking whore. My mouth’s main purpose is not talking. My mouth is for sucking dick, licking balls, tonguing assholes and gargling spit, cum and piss. I am a nameless set of holes. I am a cum rag designed to be used and disposed of. Please fuck my holes. Thank you for wasting time on this dumb slut.” Enjoy Sissy Mantra Humiliation by KinkySissyFag.


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  1. Sylvinha says:

    Quero virar sissy


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