Sissy Life 1

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Welcome to your new life. Do your make up and your hair. Grow your breasts. SISSY. Forget who you were. You are a girl. No more cares. No one cares. You are property. Your only job is to suck cock. Deep throat. Shut up bitch. You are nothing but a CUMWHORE. Don’t say a fucking word. You will be fucked daily. Get used to it. You will be pimped out because you are a FUCK DOLL FOR RENT. Available 24/7. When you are not being used you do housework and make yourself pretty. You shall be pretty at ALL TIMES. You hope to be chosen FOR USE. You are property. You are a girl. No one cares. You are nothing but a slave. Your penis is gone. Your mouth stays open. Don’t say a fucking word. No thoughts. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE – SISSY! Enjoy Sissy Life 1 from Gynodrome.


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