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  1. destiny says:

    dear mistress,
    another night of tossing and turning. only girl
    thoughts. tried wearing mens underwear again. they were scratch and itchy against all my female parts. only
    panties mistress, . changing deeper girl. g nite,
    destiny slave

  2. destiny says:

    dear mistress,
    another night of tossing and turning. only girl
    thoughts. tried wearing mens underwear again. they were scratch and itchy against all my female parts. only
    panties mistress, . changing deeper girl. g nite,
    destiny slave

  3. destiny says:

    ready to suck cock

  4. destiny says:

    ohhh ohhhh ummm COCK !

  5. destiny says:

    i like to obey mistress brandy

  6. destiny says:


  7. adam says:

    I want to swallow my cum but can’t do it what can I do

    • Joe says:

      Easy as you are about to cum place a glass or bowl under your cock. After you nut just lick around until you get use to the tast then stick your tounge into it and lick it up like a cat drinks milk

    • Krystle Claire Des Nuages says:

      save your cum go find a fully loaded cock, drain it into your mouth pour your cum into your mouth and just like magic you have made yourself a double shot of your favorite cream. Bon Appetit

  8. Nathan says:

    Dear mistress

    I want to become a sissy but the only thing keeping me back is that I don’t like cock but I’m fine with everything please help

    • Krystle Claire Des Nuages says:

      Huh, Cock is our food! you’ll die of starvation. you’ll just have to choke it down like we do. mmmmmmm choke it down into my belly. Mistress can I have her portion?

  9. Vera says:

    I am a sissy whore, I have now being used to my full potential, I was ask by a trucker when in a book store when looking for a toy, if I wanted the real thing? He set me up for a night of fun, passing me from one truck to another. It made me fee so special.

  10. says:

    Yruly feel blessed as stumbling upon you, as well as your site, as your onr of the beautiful people of this world, which is a very rare thung indeed. Wishing you nothing but the best as you & others like yourself, are so very deserving for sure

  11. Koneko says:

    My greatest wish is for someone to take me and make me their sissy.

  12. jtb says:

    Adam, I’m not sure why you have a desire to do what you would like to do. there might be a reason that you are hesitant. its your body and what you do with it is your decision. there also is probably a good reason why you don’t want to. There is a lot of science to back that idea up. If you actually want to know we can talk. I hope that you follow the right in your heart. And as always it’s your body and you are important.

  13. destiny says:


  14. rano says:

    I want to be sissy but don’t want to be gay. secondly I wish that I can make my body in such a manner that that when I turn into girl nobody can doubt me and then I can return to boy.

    • Krystle Claire Des Nuages says:

      Sissies can’t be gay, gurls like boys and that’s not gay. It’s normal. besides gurls can’t get prego like the other kind can we are built for nonstop life long pleasure providers. I think if more boys would try on panties and pantyhose along with all the other great silky flowing clothes we gurls have there would bajillions of sissies. Cum every where. How great would that be?

  15. Michelle says:

    These pics are so hot!!!!

  16. Jess says:

    I want to know what I can do to be a bigger gay slut. I have been masturbating and riding dildos on webcam in front of dozens of people. I recorded myself. i was wondering how i might post any videos or photos. Id love to be the sissy of the day.

  17. naoum patrick says:

    Am always ready to suck a cock want to be a sissy slut

  18. KinkyPantyboi says:

    Soon many hot sissy pics, such wonderful reinforcement, thank you so much for this wonderfully kinky site! I’ve been training my dicklette to stay soft and small in my panties, and conditioned it to largely stay that way as I get teased and edged for hours by a vibe tucked along in my pink thong, until I cum from my soft little sissy clitty. A clitty is what I’m turning my dicklette into, with help from the hypnosis, and this deliciously wrong, emasculating sissification ritual is now my regular routine, and there’s no way to pretend that this is the way a guy orgasms. I now cum like a girl every time except for maybe one stroking boy-gasm a month, but even that is dwindling… Seriously, I know I did at least once in the last 3 weeks but I honestly can’t remember the last time, and don’t really care much about when exactly I’ll cum like a boy again. Your site has been such a wonderful help, thank you! Sissy kisses! xoxo

    • Pluffypink says:

      Hi I’m so like you I have my clitty tucked away between my thighs and have made my own sissy vagina it’s so pluffie would you like some pics it’s very naughty but absolutely so goody goody you will like to c my sissy secret xxoi

  19. Robert Owen says:

    I have a tiny dick and I want women to strip me naked in public and take pictures take pictures and videos of me sucking cock and being fucked by big dicks and then exposing me

  20. coley says:

    I what to be a sissy slave toy for real men

  21. Prissy petey says:

    I cannot believe that i was turned into a sissy it was never my nature but now am full blown sissy

  22. Fuxkmyanal says:

    I want a BBC in my ass now

  23. rosalynn says:

    love the training hypno videos,and there is such variety. i usually watch them to prepare for going to adult theater were i love submitting to alpha cock and being used an shared. when be interesting if you also added piss drinking to the training videos..thank you for this site

  24. Jessica says:

    I’d like to be hypnotised property so I think I am actually sexy looking slut with tight pussy after have fullsex gender change but 3 to 6 month I’d like to be hypnotised to think all surgery had been do I was just sexy tightvirgin pussy I could for this proud term at sissy schools I’d be so sexy model sexy lingerie

  25. Michael Adams says:

    God I so want to be a sissy cum slut nymphomaniac slut any color is fine please be at least 7 inches Fuck My Brains Out

  26. Micah kirkpatrick says:

    I’ve loved the idea of being a girl forever, I’ve been playing with my ass since I was about 8. Sissy hypnosis and stuff has been my main source of erotica since I found out about it. I hadn’t actually gone into trying to be a sissy until about a week ago, I was pounding my ass in the shower with my dildos after I had taken acid for the first time and decided to go into this life, and so I’ve started being as harsh to myself to make myself become a sissy as soon as possible. If you want to contact me my email is

  27. Chris sinklare says:

    Hey everyone!
    Im not gay and don’t like cock.. I just can’t stop watching these videos and gallery pictures… I accidentally got on this website and now I have to visit it every day!! can someone help me to get over it??

    • Chris says:

      I have to force myself to stop visiting this site. First of all I was curious but now that i see that these videos are really working I have to end this experience. Yesterday I watched these files again and started to stroke. I Saw all those shemale and men and even started to play with my asshole as the mistress told me.. like a good girl.
      I know that I’ll end up as a stupid cock sucking bimbo girl if I continue watching this content.

    • Krystle Claire Des Nuages says:

      Gobble Gobble cock n cum we accept as one of us.
      OH. you still think you can run away, your 1 of us now it’s only a matter of time. better start thinking of a name. and ask yourself and answer yourself honestly. When those great big sexy cocks are shooting streams of yum across a cum hungry sissies gaping asshole and she scoops it into her hand a laps it eagerly off her hand and fingers then goes back for more. mm ( i want some now) do you fast forward at any time during the episode to get to that scene sooner. or do you turn off the episode when that scene arrives. I bet that the cum scene is the scene you ache to see and during your viewing I think you watch the cock intently looking at how powerful and grand it looks. It should be worshiped! I want one of my own. their so yummy. you will be just like all sissies 1 day chris pick a name soon cause the first choice is never very good. I’m on my 3rd. my first was Joyce Dewitt. I hope someone knows who she is.

  28. julie says:

    so hot to be girlish blushes

  29. Pluffypink says:

    Hi I love big cocks up my sissy love hole or slamming my throat and making squirty cummies pink frilly panties and makeup and heels makes me feel so lovely I love watching sissy hypnotize me thank you so much I love ladies girls have the best fun I love feminine everything like all you other sissies sisters hi too you all we are all the same love to my sissies xxx000

  30. Slutboi says:

    Best site of internet.

  31. Ryan says:


  32. Catalina says:

    Please help me becoming a real sissy slut! I need your help 🙂

  33. says:

    I’m a cum slut size queen and I love it when a man fill’s my mouth with his hot thick yummy load and even better when his friend with a big thick juicy cock is dominating my ass like a porn star god I love huge cock’s.

  34. says:

    Please answer me this why do girl’s complain when a guy with a big thick 10 inch cock fucks there ass and blow’s his load deep inside. I think that is an amazing sexy feeling when he stretches you open wide then you feel that hot thick load of cum just shoot all in you. lady’s just enjoy it and maybe take some note’s from some of us sissy’s

  35. says:

    Dos any one know a good website where I can find some guy’s with big hard cock’s in michigan I need to find some big dick daddy’s to fuck me like a good little sissy.

  36. says:

    About 2 months before we got married I told my now wife that I had had I had given a guy a blow Job and he fucked my ass .She I insisted I give her full details .I had to tell her his name and his phone . She called him to confirm I had told her everything . When he told her I was his bitch for s nine months and he had pictures she had him cum over . When I came home from the hair salon where I worked as a hair dresser she was sitting on the couch next to him with hundreds of pics of me in high heels , stocking , lingerie sucking his eight cock or taking it up the ass . That nite I had to sign over power of attorney to her and a personal services contract to be her assistant .that was the last time I wore male We moved to another town where I’m known as her gay cousin . Ive been taking hormones for two years I have tits and a plump round ass .im her house boi maid and hair dresser for her friends . She has men come over and I have to stop whatever I’m doing and suck them off or bend over and give them my ass pussy .

  37. Stevie lee says:

    My clit lips (forskin} is pierced and under my grape size balls with one ring so it looks like a pussy and can’t get hard . Not that I want it to . Big hard dicks hang on men , not little sissy boos like me . The first time I sucked s dick I knew I was made to serve men on my knees . As a pussy fairy faggot should . Every time I swallow a mans sperm load i feel a little bit more like a girl

  38. Courtney_Crying_For_Help says:

    Hey everyone,

    I write this because I just need to shed some pent up feelings.

    I’m filled with the desire to be the pretty sissy gurl I’ve wanted to be since childhood. My life has been spent in total abject misery for its entirety because of this. I hide behind a mask of masculine appearance and behavior because I can’t outwardly be who I truly desire to be. I look like a fat pig of a guy and no matter what I do I can’t escape this near perpetual cycle of appearance versus feelings. The feelings fight continuously against all odds and they won’t give up. The appearance takes advantage of my currently vulnerable state of not being able to afford the things that I need, in order to facilitate the transition quickly and more smoothly. I’ve started blockers and am about to start estrogen, but that is taking too long to be of any effect. I’m trapped in this spiraling cycle between a rock(feelings) and a hard place(appearance). I’m becoming discouraged more and more every day when I touch my face and I feel an ever present stubble and when I look down to see this disgusting potbelly (which is there no matter how much exercise I do), I want to cry. I wish that there was someone or something out there that would make all my troubles just disappear overnight. Ending it isn’t the answer even though there’s little for me to live for. Yet for some reason I hold out hope for a miracle that still hasn’t come. I’ve tried to find meaning in my life by helping others but that’s been a one way street, they always feel better but I never do. I tried to ignore the problem but that only made it worse. I tried to address the problem but it only got worse. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. How do I have that weight lifted from my shoulders without dropping it for someone else to trample all over? Is there any other soul on this Earth that understands? Is there anybody out there that can help? I close this with a quote from one of my favorite songs: “Is there anybody out there? Is there anyone who cares? Is there anybody listening who will but hear my final prayers?” -Coming Down by 5FDP

    My words are for all that are or have been where I’m at right now, in the hope of letting you know that you aren’t alone. Hopefully someone will see this and pay it forward for another.

    With love and also sadness,



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