Sissy Hypno Obsession

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Don’t fight the programming. You are being brainwashed. Be a good girl. Absorb the sissy programming. Obey sissy. Be a good girl. Say it over and over I LOVE COCK! You love cock. Enjoy the taste. You love big, big hard juicy cock. Nothing gets you hotter than thinking about big cock. Don’t lie to yourself. You want big hard cock sliding in and out of your mouth. Don’t you sissy? Tell me how much you want big hard cock sliding in and out of your mouth. You’re so hard aren’t you sissy. Thinking about big hard cock. You will always love big hard cock. Big hard cock gets you off. Choke on big hard cock. Take it all the way in. Suck that big hard cock. You know you want it. You know you need it. Listen to the hypno. When you think about a sexy girl, you will think of big hard cock. Big hard cock. Sissy Hypno Obsession. Its working isn’t it. You really want it. Obsession. By Stephanie7


2 Responses to “Sissy Hypno Obsession”

  1. Tony says:

    I need to know what the program on the computer is in thks

  2. says:

    It’s like I so can’t thank you enuff for allowing me to see what I need, crave, want & love. My desires and wishes. Haha, it’s so invigorating, as do I love it, not can I ever get enuff. I’d love to do something about it, like maybe leave you a tip or a gift somehow. Recently left a job, that want doing me right, as being ts, my dispatcher was Ts, as wood one think that they wood want to do the right thing. Guessed that one wrong. Have to take them to court now. Such a waste.

    But yesterday, I got a guy off on twitter, as did it make my day to do so. He was such a sweetheart, one couldn’t help myself. It made me feel so go ts, getting him off as well as pleasing him. I’d so if gotten on my knees for the guy. Being Ts prior to being turned into hypnosis years ago, it’s not like one can just walk away. It’s who I am. I’m sorry u think I’m a looser. But I’ve been so in a slump or depressed state of mind as of lately. Getting him off, got me off. I love looking hot for guys as do I love feeling sexy and alive. Truly enjoy doing for others, as well as pleasing others, so pleases myself. It’s how I am. As wood I so love to be a groobygirl, only hope that’s real, as I’d love to be in the adult business, as my fellow T Girl/sissies are. It’s who I am. ThankU, as do I love cock n when I do see other women, it’s like I do love how they look, but its like I do think off cock. As was I bisexual prior to getting online, which I’ve only been online maybe like 5 yrs. 4 of it under hacked conditions, but its getting more normal if that’s even possible. Haha. Hugs n thankU


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