Sissy Hypno Awards 2019

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Voting will open soon!

I have gone through all the nominations for best video, best audio, best captions and best miscellaneous sissy hypnosis content for 2018. As soon as posts it up voting will be live!



17 Responses to “Sissy Hypno Awards 2019”

  1. alana says:

    we need a hypno that will turn a straight guy gay in 1 time watching

    • Jeff says:

      We don’t want that. We need what we have videos that break them a little at a time. We want it to take time that way they have time to transition into a proper degraded sissy inside and out. They have to give that first blowjob with doubt and self degradation in their mind and once the have they hate themselves for being the gay we all know they are. Then they get to repeat that with each new sissy milestone until the are broken inside and willing to do anything daddy say when he says.

      • Jamie says:

        Jeff is 100% right in what hes saying. I took the plunge and sucked my first dick in November after watching a couple of years of sissy hypno.
        I would have loved 1 vid to change my mind as it would have helped speed up the process lol.

  2. Cole says:

    So excited to see what video wins.

  3. says:

    i wish to have a sugar daddy n mommy who are rich enough to feminize me. Imagine having the chance to have good enough makeup and wig to go out in public and you even worked on your voice to sound like a girl omg. you could blend in talk with other girls at mall saying your alone and want someone to be around. idk would be fun. i just dont get why being a boy is not as interesting? probably just easier to do girly things or maybe im a bit strange who knows

  4. alana says:

    when??? you said mid february

    From Brandy: I am still waiting for SeattleJasmine to post the nominees 🙂

  5. Megan says:

    it’s the first of March and there is still nothing

  6. Deep says:

    It said mid February, soon it’s going to be mid March!

  7. Emily says:

    So excited 😀

  8. Amber says:

    February is long gone. Where is the video?

    From Brandy: SeattleJasmine from is sending me everyone’s suggestions for the Sissy Hypno Awards. I will compile a shortlist to give her and then we can start the voting. It’s going to take a while since there are thousands of submissions.

    • hh says:

      most of your videos are dumb and useless. most of the cock addiction are nonsense, boys have their own dicks, and will never even get into something with a guy, cause most videos talk about cocks and not about the man.

      • Megan says:

        Being a sissy doesent mean to be attracted to men, if it was just that there will be no difference between a sissy and a gay male. Being a sissy means to worship cock and became addicted to cock at the point that you need to suck it and to ride it to feel good. There’s also lot of other things involved in being a sissy but from your answear i can tell that you do not know what a sissy is. You robably just want to see gay porn.

      • hh says:

        no, i don’t like watching gay porn

  9. ah96 says:

    Is this ever going to happen?

  10. IIHH says:

    Hello, who is the Video of year?

    From Brandy: You can vote soon, the nominations are here.

  11. ah96 says:

    Is this going to actually happen? It’s been a while since any kind of update.

    From Brandy: Yes, it is here.


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