Sissy Cum Drinking Trainer

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You are a sexy dirty little sissy princess. You know you are. All you want to do is swallow cum. You are addicted to sperm. You love it. You want it. You need it. Every time you jack off, you have to swallow your own load. No exceptions. You know you are a little sissy whore. Once you’ve tasted your own sperm, you cease to be a real man. You are now a sissy. Make the most of your new life sissy slut, start sucking dicks for money. Become the dirty sissy whore you’ve always wanted to be.


19 Responses to “Sissy Cum Drinking Trainer”

  1. pantylover says:

    Can you help me get over the hump of cumming in my mouth & swallow it & love the taste?

  2. adam says:

    hello mistress
    please thi is my dream
    i love to be like shemale or sissy slut

  3. Im so turned on by the idea n cant help love it

  4. michellecd says:

    this is me, i want cum! lots of it! please!!

  5. Nick says:

    Just swallowed half a shot glass full of my own cum to this video!!!!

  6. Beth says:

    Loved it want more

  7. dcsissy says:

    Looking for sissy in d.c or Virginia for play… contact me at

  8. Wannabeowncumslut says:

    When i cum i cant eat my own cum i allways stop myself please help i want to eat my own cum

    • Ivan says:

      I have the same problem

      • Jack says:

        Start first by cumming into a glass, and leave it sitting out. Wait till you get really horny again later, then watch deepslutpuppy 6 and follow the instructions. After acclimatizing with cum, you should be able to try some CEI videos and master it

  9. prguy says:

    Thanks!!!! I swallowed a full shot glass with my own cum with this video. I want more!!!!

  10. Roberta says:

    My cum addiction is so overwhelming I will sometimes masturbate into a cup and drink my own cum when I haven’t been abel to get another man’s cock. Girly voices like the ones in this video are in my head when I jerk off onto my face. I’m so glad to have a hypno site like thisto reafirm my role in life as a sissy.

  11. Sweet Hilary says:

    I am Crossdresser, I looking seriously for man who want let sucking his cock and fuck me hard in front a his friends male and female… at orgy party where i am the whore…

  12. jdhartil says:

    Nothing beats a throbbing cock in my mouth and the taste of that yummy cum

  13. You are going to be a dirty little WHORE today. Get a shot glass… and take off your clothes. You get to do this later — She doesn’t like it. You will love it WHORE. Start jerking. Tell us what you want, whore. Don’t be shy. Use a nice slutty voice… Tell us where you want a cock, up your ass? Sissy whore wants a cock in her ass? Say please… You love COCK in your ASS sissy slut whore. Dress up like a SLUT. Shake that ass for COCK. You want men to FUCK your ass. You can’t help being a cock whore. It’s who you are. You need your hole FILLED… by a thick, hard COCK sissy SLUT. Feels so FULL in your ASS. Let him fuck you SO HARD. Sliding IN and OUT of your BOY PUSSY. You crave COCK in your ASS. Girly panties will attract COCK. Be a little girly slut. Let them bend you over and FUCK your sexy ass. Be a good girl and take it. You love it. Take it right in the ass. Dirty Slut. Such a naughty little SLUT. You know what those boys like. Hot wet blowjobs… from hot litle femme boys like you. And you love throbbing hot dick in your mouth. Do you have a little black dress? Boys like slutty little whores and boys have big cum-filled cocks. And you LOVE a juicy COCK and warm FRESH CUM. You love a cock in your mouth. Let it fill your mouth with cum. Girly boys suck dick for cum. The more the better. Greedy little whore. Good girls look at their men. Look at him, sissy. Suck that dick while you jerk off. You are a COCK WHORE. What about your ultimate fantasy? Being the only girl at the party. You know what that leads to… Gangbanged like a whore. Surrounded by COCKS. One in your ASS. TWO in your FACE. A circle of throbbing cocks. Kneel down and SUCK COCK. Look up at those men. Suck their cocks. You are a dirty little WHORE. Let them use you. Sissy Slut. You want to eat their CUM. You love warm MEAT in your MOUTH. Suck it ’till it THROBS. Swallow that dick. Make it CUM in your MOUTH. That’s what you really want. Cum Slut. A hot slippery CUM LOAD on your TONGUE. Feel it sliding in your mouth. SLUTS play with their CUM. And then they swallow it ALL. Are you a whore like her? Say it SLUT! “I’m a pretty little CUM WHORE!” Think about CUM tastes. A little salty… A little bitter… Tastes like COCK and SEX. Thinking about the taste makes your hard doesn’t it? Think about how that CUM will FEEL in your mouth. A little thick… A little slippery… Like gloopy saltwater… You are going to look so SEXY. Jerk faster… You’re going to cum soon. Get ready… How much do you want to TASTE CUM? Ruin that orgasm into that shot glass, WHORE! You’re about to eat that CUM, you little SLUT. Feeling your GIRLY SLUT self get excited? CUM in your MOUTH. Smell that hot SPERM. Dip your tongue in… Get a little taste. Does that taste of CUM make you hard? Does the thought of swallowing it make you even harder? Pour that CUM into your MOUTH sweet little WHORE. Play with it a bit, whore. Enjoy the CUM in your MOUTH. Really taste it. Take it in. Roll your tongue in the CUM. Keep jerking and SWALLOW that CUM with Taylor. How did that CUM feel going down? Did it slide right down? Or was it hard to swallow? Either way, you loved it, SLUT. Eating CUM just made you so much harder. You are such a naughty girl. How’s the aftertaste? Is there cum on your breath? Do you like that, SLUT? Does it make you feel SLUTTY? Do you want more? Tell us what you want. Don’t be shy. Be Filthy. Jerk that cock and say it… You need more hot CUM in your mouth? Dirty Little WHORE! Well go on then. Ruin as many orgasms as you like… But each time you cum… You have to SWALLOW… Be a good little girl and EAT CUM. Watch these girls for motivation… Keep going, I’m sure you have more… How was it, whore? A hot and sticky blast? Good GIRL. Enjoy Learning To Love Cum Trainer.

  14. Peter says:

    I want to follow that training and become a cute little girl.

  15. seanette says:

    so fucked up supposed to be sissy boys/men sucking cock and eating cum and getting asspussy fucked,,, why do You show mostly woman sucking fucking ????

  16. Stevie says:

    Personally, although I don’t mind the taste of cum, i prefer to cum in my panties. The feeling of my little boy clitty sliding against the fabric of my girlie panties is wonderful.


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