Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty

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Do you think you have the depraved mindset? Will you do anything eagerly? Someone else will reap the rewards. Can you be a little fairy for strange men all night? Can you prove it that you are a worthwile fuckmeat for your pimp daddy? Do you want to serve sleazy, vile bastards? Here is your task, sissy whore… Always follow the rules of your pimp. He knows what is best for you and how to make you a good whore. Let him train you, whore. You want to be a top-seller. He owns you now. He can do anything to you. The training can be hard and painful depending on your will to be degraded. Accept where dirty sissy whores belong. When your training is finished you can’t wait for your first customers. On the streets. At truck stops. In hotels. You are no available to all and any men. You only think about how to please men and how to make more money for daddy. You are a toy that men enjoy using. You make sure they have the time of their lives. You ask nasty, mean men to use you… To violate your body. You make them feel good so they come back again and again. Enjoy Sissy Challenge Pimped Out by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty.


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