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Put on your sexiest panties now sissy. It’s time to learn how to be a slut. You are already excited, aren’t you? Yes. You are. Because you are a cock loving sissy slut. You are so horny. Your sissy clit is growing. It’s OK. Play with your boy clitty in those panties. You slut. Slowly peel them off your ass and play with your boy pussy for me. Sissies love to serve. Get ready. Obey your master. Give him a show with his other sissies. Show off your sissy body for him. Show him how excited your boi clitty is for him.

It’s time. Get yourself ready sissy. Drop to your knees and suck his dick. Sissies love sucking cock. You will always suck cock when a man wants you. Sucking cock is rewarding. Cock is yummy. Your boy pussy belongs to him. You can’t wait for what comes next. You will learn to love being violated. Your boi-cunt will be fucked repeatedly. Men will take turns having you. You can’t control your sissy nature. You need cock. You will share master with his other sissies. Soon you will love the taste of your boi-pussy. You will ride cock any time, any place. You love hard cock in your boi-cunt. You will be showered with cum. Open wide. You cannot get enough cum. Lick up every drop. Sissies Wanna Go Get Some from Holditsissy. Enjoy xxx



4 Responses to “Sissies Wanna Go Get Some – HoldItSissy”

  1. RJ says:

    Love it

  2. Corset Sissy says:

    I so need a cock in my sissy pussy right now. The lucky ones are the sissies who have a cock in them right now! I want to suck them as they cum

  3. Cunt says:

    I am a sissy cunt!!!!

    My only desire in life is to be forcibly gangbanged all day long everyday and overflowed with cum!!!!

    I want to be used, abused, degraded, humiliated, and treated like nothing more than a hole for cock and cum!!!!

    I want to surrender all of my rights as a person, owned and transformed into a mindless bimbo sissy cum slut!!!!

    This is my one and only purpose in life!!!!

  4. says:

    So how I feel like way more than what I think to be normal


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