Faggot Brainwashing by BackDoorMan

Faggot Brainwashing by BackDoorMan

Be honest. Why are you here? Let me tell you. YOU are a faggot. Nothing complicated about it. Let go and surrender to it. You lust and crave cock…in your mouth, in your hands and deep, deep inside of you. It makes you melt and feel safe and content when a real man’s throbbing hard cock is in you. You want the world to know. You want women to call you a faggot…it gives you goosebumps and you quiver when you hear those words. Enjoy Faggot Brainwashing by BackDoorMan.

Bisexual Introduction Hypnosis

Bisexual Introduction Hypnosis

You’ve always liked girls especially the slutty ones. Big tits… Fat asses… Their curves get you hard. BUT… You need something else. Don’t you? The thing all slutty girls want, you know what I am talking about, don’t you? It’s why you’re really here… Go ahead, pull out your cock now, if you haven’t already, slut. It’s time for what you’ve been wating for. You were hard before… But now you’re THROBBING. Breathing heavy… Waiting to see these sluts get what they want, or is it… what YOU want? You just want to see hot girls give blowjobs, right? It’s all about the girls… It has nothing to do with big… hard… throbbing… COCK! Enjoy Bisexual Introduction Hypnosis.

What A Sissy Deserves by SissyHypnoClub

What A Sissy Deserves by SissyHypnoClub

You know you are a girl inside. Let her out, sissy. You know it’s right. You know this is the real you. Let her out, sissy. Dress up in your sexiest clothes. You know it’s true. You are pretty. Alpha males want to fuck you. Let them fuck you. You know this is the real you. Sissy slut. You love cock so much don’t you sissy. Cock is what you live for. You cannot live without cock. Suck cock. Let Alpha males fuck you hard. You deserve it. Sissy slut. Enjoy What A Sissy Deserves by SissyHypnoClub.

Sissy Dance Playlists

Sissy Dance Playlists

Something a little different today. Sissy Dance Playlists. I know you love to listen to girly music so I’ve embedded a nice playlist of cute girly songs that I know you’re gonna love. You should listen to this during the day, put the playlist on your phone and listen to it when you are in the car, when you are doing chores, when you are working out. You go sissy girly girl…

Girly song playlist:

Because you are overdosing on girly, pink and fluffy tunes, it may excite you to start listening to some stripper songs so when you are ready and want to get down and dirty dance, here are some stripper tunes I know you’re gonna love.

Stripper song playlist:

Please suggest some sexy sissy, girly and stripper songs that other sissies visiting this site would love to listen to by adding them to the comments section…

Be A Girl, Lick Dick – A Feminising PMV by Hypno-Sissy

Be A Girl, Lick Dick – A Feminising PMV by Hypno-Sissy

A feminising treat. First some cock to help you unwind. That’s better. It’s ok to give in. Let it wash over you. Oh fuck… So soft. So feminine. Just… be a girl. Surrender to your femininity. That’s a good girl. This video was made with love and care. Enjoy Be A Girl, Lick Dick – A Feminising PMV by Hypno-Sissy.

Cock Love Reinforcement by HFP90

Cock Love Reinforcement by HFP90

Don’t watch this video unless you want to love cock. So, are you a sissy who wants to love cock? Well I bet you don’t want to wait! Bimbo slut. You want it don’t you. Yes. Of course you do. Cock is incredible. You want it in your ass. You can’t deny it. Seeing cock makes you horny. You’re horny from looking at cock. Look at him cum. Don;t you want to taste it. I know you do. You want to be a cumslut. She’s right, I like cock. Yummy. I love cum. I love cock. I want it. I need it. I want to be her. I want big cock in my ass. I need to feel a cock Cock is good for me. Cock makes me happy. I’m horny for cock. Cock makes me horny. I want cock inside of me. I love cock. Enjoy Cock Love Reinforcement by HFP90.

Sissy Hypno Deepthroat Coercion by IsilyenRosalyn

Sissy Hypno Deepthroat Coercion by IsilyenRosalyn

No tits for sissies. You love cum. Never resist. Be a faggot. This is your calling. Your mouth was never yours. These tits are not for you, baby… You must pleasure cock. Can’t resist. Get on your knees. No one will know your little secret. Avoid boobs… focus on cocks. Look pretty. Be dumb. It’s OK to love cocks. Focus on cock. It’s not gay if you become a girl. You’re already a faggot. Go deeper. Crave. Give in. Worship. Suck a cock today! Enjoy Sissy Hypno Deepthroat Coercion by IsilyenRosalyn.

The Complete Sissy Rulebook

The Complete Sissy Rulebook

Today we’re going to share with you the main rules you must follow as a sissy. These rules must be adhered to if you are going to be a successful sissy girly girl. Read through them, memorize them and use them daily. Being a good sissy girly girl is your life now. Enjoy The Complet Sissy Rulebook.

Rule#1: A sissy does not have a cock. A sissy has a clitty

Rule#2: A sissy wears a bra and panties

Rule#3: A sissy loves cock

Rule#4: A sissy loves cum

Rule#5: A sissy takes it in the ass

Rule#6: A sissy loves pink

Rule#7: A sissy loves her toys

Rule#8: A sissy dresses like a slut

Rule#9: A sissy shares

Rule#10: Sissies love facials

Rule#11: A sissy must have a tight ass

Rule#12: A sissy must have perfect bimbo makeup

Rule#13: A sissy grows big fake tits

Rule#14: A sissy is a pro cock sucker

Rule#15: One is not enough

Rule#16: A sissy belongs on her knees

Rule#17: A sissy doesn’t forget to practice

Rule#18: Sissies swallow

Rule#19: A sissy begs for it

Rule#20: A sissy will fuck anywhere

Rule#21: Sissies love to plug

Rule#22: Every sissy dreams of being a bimbo

Rule#23: Cum is your reward

Rule#24: You are a tool used to please cock. Every cock.

Rule#25: You prefer Big Black Dick

Rule#26: Sissies love garters and stockings

Rule#27: Sissies love a good gloryhole

Rule#28: A sissy loves the taste of her own cum

Rule#29: Woman is superior to sissy

Rule#30: A sissy doesn’t have a boyfriend, a sissy has a master(Daddy)

Rule#31: A sissy doesn’t have a girlfriend, a sissy has a mistress

Rule#32: Sissies bend over

Rule#33: Sissies love heels

Rule#34: Sissies can’t forget to tuck their clitty

Rule#35: A sissy’s ass is always on display

Rule#36: Cute panties are essential

Rule#37: Sissies wear tight leggings to attract men to their ass

Rule#38: A sissy doesn’t neglect the balls

Rule#39: A sissy has no butthole, a sissy has a pussy

Rule#40: A sissy does not jerk her cock. A sissy cums only from getting her ass fucked

Rule#41: A sissy has two holes, both should be put to use

Rule#42: Paint your face to look like a whore

Rule#43: Work out to keep your sexy sissy bod fit

Rule#44: Expose your thong so that they know that its on

Rule#45: A sissy’s body is smooth and shaven all over

Rule#46: A sissy’s body is always for sale

Rule#47: Cum is not to be wasted

Rule#48: Sissies don’t think. Sissies do as they’re told

Rule#49: A sissy’s mouth is not made for talking

Rule#50: Sissies love to be degraded

Rule#51: Big black cock is a delicacy and should be treated as such

Rule#52: Sissies love playtime

Rule#53: Sissies take every inch

Rule#54: Sissies always dress slutty when they go out. So they always get fucked

Rule#55: Panties are only removed for cock

Rule#56: No skirt is too short

Rule#57: Sissies wear bikinis

Rule#58: The only use a sissy has for a condom, is slurping up Daddy’s cum

Rule#59: Wear a black bra, so they know you’re naughty

Rule#60: Sissies fuck outdoors

Rule#61: Pink is to be worn as a badge of sissy pride

Rule#62: Never say no to cock

Rule#63: You’re not a person, you’re a sissy fuck toy

Rule#64: A sissy doesn’t jerk her clitty. She fucks both her holes while rubbing her clitty like a dirty girl

Rule#65: Send pics of yourself to cute boys, let them know you’re a dirty slut

Rule#66: Sissies sit when they pee

Rule#67: Sissies love a nice gang bang

Rule#68: Pink panties alone will not make you a sissy. You must have the body and mind of a true sissy slut

Rule#69: Sissies play with eachother

Rule#70: Cum is essential in a sissy’s daily diet

Rule#71: Sissies are whores that don’t earn a thing. Sissies give everything to their Daddy or Mistress

Rule#72: Sissies are property that can be bought or sold

Rule#73: Wear stockings and stilettos

Rule#74: Sissies tuck their clitty into pantyhose

Rule#75: Paint your lips, make them a bright red target for cock

Rule#76: Sissies love bukkake

Rule#77: Every sissy has a little black dress

Rule#78: Your sissy ass was made to take big dicks

Rule#79: Sissies wear make up to look like perfect little Bimbo Fuck Dolls

Rule#80: Sissies wear sexy lingerie to bed

Rule#81: Sissies love giving roadhead

Rule#82: Sissies eat ass

Rule#83: Sissies love to feel the bulge of a hard cock

Rule#84: Sissies always say yes

Rule#85: Always keep eye contact

Rule#86: Grow your hair long so men have something to grab while they pound your ass

Rule#87: Sissies are punished when they misbehave

Rule#88: Sissies don’t mind getting kinky

Rule#89: Strap-ons should always be treated as if they were real cocks

Rule#90: A sissy’s legs are always open

Rule#91: A sissy always showers with her daddy

Rule#92: Sissies don’t try to hide their panties, they proudly present them for all to see

Rule#93: A dildo is a sissy’s best friend

Rule#94: A sissy’s pants should always be skin tight

Rule#95: Work your sissy ass, so it can handle being fucked on a daily basis

Rule#96: Sissies wear yoga pants because they know how good their ass looks

Rule#97: Find some sissy friends. Go out and get fucked together

Rule#98: Real women don’t enjoy being groped, but sissies don’t mind at all

Rule#99: All a sissy needs to know is how to please a cock

Rule#100: Be a good girl

Rule#101: A sissy can never have enough shoes

Rule#102: A sissy’s breath always smells like cock

Rule#103: Sissies proudly buy their lingerie in the store

Rule#104: Sissies find a way to dress sexy even when it’s cold

Rule#105: Sissies eat their own cum to remind themselves that they are no longer a man

Rule#106: Sissies love eating pussy only when they get to lap up the Alpha cum dripping from inside

Rule#107: Sissies bounce up and down on real men’s long hard cocks

Rule#108: Sissies love to finger their own asshole

Rule#109: Sissies wear panties when they run their clitty

Rule#110: A sissy always says please and thank you

Rule#111: Sissies read girly magazines

Rule#112: If cum isn’t leaking from your gaping asshole, you’re not done yet

Rule#113: Look cute when you look for cock

Rule#114: Sissies love wearing crotchless panties

Rule#115: Every sissy wants a black daddy

Rule#116: Sissies don’t fuck women, women fuck sissies

Rule#117: Sissies don’t want to be normal girls, sissies want to be bimbo fuck dolls

Rule#118: A sissy needs no help putting on a bra

Rule#119: Wear a tight thong when you plug your boi pussy

Rule#120: Never be afraid of a huge cock, you must worship it as you do every cock

Rule#121: Forget about boxers, sissies wear pretty pink panties

Rule#122: Sissies like it rough

Rule#123: Drop those panties when Daddy says so

Rule#124: Every sissy needs someone to teach them to suck cock

Rule#125: A sissy should never run out of her bras and panties

Rule#126: Wear a crop top, make all the boys stare

Rule#127: Sissies love the feeling of a tight corset hugging their body

Rule#128: Sissies always go out with the intention of getting fucked

Rule#129: A sissy’s ass needs to be trained to take big cocks

Rule#130: Cum dumpster is not an insult it’s your occupation

Rule#131: Sissies get fake tits so they can be fucked in a whole new way

Rule#132: Transform yourself into a perfect bimbo pin-up girl

Rule#133: Desperate for a good fucking? Pick your phone up Sissy, make a booty call

Rule#134: Always treat the balls with extra care, after all, that’s wear your treat is made

Rule#135: Sissies don’t wear lingerie to seduce men, sissies wear lingerie because it makes them feel feminine

Rule#136: Sissies love to feel their big fake tits supported by a tight bra

Rule#137: You can always find a way to practice sucking cock

Rule#138: A sissy is content with the size of her clitty, its small size reminds her that she is not a man

Rule#139: Study real women, take notes

Rule#140: Cum is not to be wiped away and disposed of, it is to be worn with pride

Rule#141: Always look as cute as can be when you go out shopping

Rule#142: When you see a cute boy make that booty pop

Rule#143: No cock is too big for a sissy like you

Rule#144: Always be ready for Daddy when he comes home

Rule#145: Your job is to help him with his real job

Rule#146: Every sissy wants to be owned by a big black man with a big black cock

Rule#147: Sissies love to wear matching lingerie

Rule#148: Keep your clitty and boi pussy clean and shaven

Rule#149: A sissy works out like a girl

Rule#150: Sissies don’t get to fuck anyone, sissies get fucked by everyone

Rule#151: A Sissy’s Clitty must be caged

Rule#152: Sissies love fucking while wearing heels

Rule#153: Always treat the balls with extra special care, for they carry your sweet reward

Rule#154: Use anal beads to train your sissy boi pussy

Rule#155: A sissy does not want to be free. A sissy wants to be used

Rule#156: Eat so much cum, that you become addicted

Rule#157: A Sissy’s shorts can never be too short

Rule#158: A sissy wears a bra, even if she has no breasts                             

Rule#159: Show Daddy his cum before you swallow it

Rule#160: Sissies give free lap dances

Rule#161: You’re not a sissy because you used to be a man, you’re a sissy because you never were

Rule#162: A Sissy’s favorite fruit is of course the banana

Rule#163: Every Sissy wants to grow up to be a Brainless Bimbo. A Dumb Cum slut who desires nothing but to be used by men as a worthless Fuck Toy

Rule#164: A Sissy must be perfectly submissive. On her knees with her mouth open is not only where she belongs, it’s where she lives

Rule#165: Sissies love playing with their food                                             

Rule#166: Once a Sissy has her panties around her ankles, she’s ready for a cock to pound her pussy

Rule#167: No matter how big or small, always put your sissy titties on display

Rule#168: Sissies play fetch with a nice long double sided dildo

Rule#169: Sissies worship black cock because black men are the true alpha males. Sissies live to serve their massive cocks

Rule#170: A Sissy feels no shame for who she is or what she does

The Complete Sissy Rulebook – More to cum!

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