Cum Addict 2: Cum Eating Trainer by Jlodalisque Next Level – Pandorasissy The Last Step – Pandorasissy Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos 5 Sissy Steps

Cum Addict 2: Cum Eating Trainer by Jlodalisque

Rate this sissy contentYou’ve been sucking cock all day. Taking dozens of loads onto your face. And even more cum into your mouth… You don’t just love sucking cock. You LOVE that you love sucking cock. You EMBRACE your desire to eat cum. You are GRATEFUL for your CUM-LUST. Sucking cock makes you… Who you […]

Next Level – Pandorasissy

Rate this sissy contentWINNER OF BEST SISSY HYPNOSIS VIDEO 2017! Pandorasissy presents Next Level. Enjoy…

The Last Step – Pandorasissy

Rate this sissy contentShame, embarrassment and guilt. Those are all things you have left behind. You are not that confused little boy you were before. You are a girl, you know this. You’ve embrased this and you love this. This is not a fetish or fantasy. This is why you are. Accept it and realize […]

Sissymaker 4 by Emma Nice of EmperorHypnos

Rate this sissy contentWINNER OF BEST SISSY HYPNOSIS VIDEO 2016! In three minutes you are going to know for certain that you are a sissy slut. The quality of Sissy Hypnosis videos now created makes my first effort pale into insignificance. Emma Nice from EmperorHypnos has done it once again and created a masterpiece. Just […]

5 Sissy Steps

Rate this sissy contentEvery Step Will Bring You Closer. It Is Too Late Now Sissy. Repeat After Me: I Am Ready. Step 1: Acceptance: Focus. I Need to free my mind. Accept this is who I am. Accept I was born a cocksucker. COCKSUCKER. Accept Sissy. I love sissy life. I want it. I Can’t […]

6th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2020

6th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2020



Results published March 16th!

Hi girls. Sorry for the delay but the nominees are now in. is presenting her 6th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2020 event. Categories include: Best Videos, Best Audio, Best Blog and Best Miscellaneous (Yes we are listed! Please vote for Sissy Hypnosis Club in the Miscellaneous category – Not that I am trying to influence you – Much! <3). Please help vote for best of Sissy Hypno from 2019.Vote for your favorites! Voting ends March 14th. Results will be shared March 16th. Watch / Listen / Read and then select your favorites and see you on March 16th.

6th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2020


What an incredible year for video. So much talent in our community! Thanks to all the talented contributors! Remember you can still vote for your favorite even if it’s not on this list by entering a custom option. has chosen the 9 most popular sissy hypnosis videos for you to choose for the best Sissy Hypnosis Video.

EmperorHypnos: Sissymaker 7 BBC

HypnoCypher: HypnoSissy

Hypno Therapy Zero

Maxxsub: Cock Zombie

Miscon: Do Me

Miscon only uses HypnoTube which forbids embedding of videos.

jamiedccd: Sissy Mommy Hypno

Sissy Hypno Slut: Become the Whore

TomTame: Why Not Be a Doll?

HypnoCypher: Technologic Sissy


This is for the hardcore girls. Videos are sissy mainstream but audio clips? Mmmm that’s where your mind gets really fucked up and some serious mental feminization occurs. So please vote for your favorite audio program!:


R.I.P. Tumblr. But hey there are plenty of other sources where we can find delightful captions. Here are some of the best.


There have been tremendous works of art and sexiness this past year that do not fit neatly into any of our other categories. Here are a few of the most upvoted, high quality, and most talked about content in this category. (Yes! Please vote for Sissy Hypnosis Club in the Miscellaneous category <3 )

Sissy Hypnosis Club



Results published April 20th!

CEI Challenge by Formypcand

CEI Challenge by Formypcand


Hello Cumslut! It’s time for your daily reminder. Sissy Hypnosis. You. Love. Cum! How it looks… Delicious white cream for you. You want to smell it. Feel that strong aroma that makes you horny. Feel it, thick and hot. You need it. Just imagine… hot and creamy cum all over your slut face. You. Love. Cum! You want to play with it. Like a dirty slut. Hey Slut! Are you thirsty. You want to swallow delicious cum. What are you waiting for? Jerk that dick and drink all you can. Cum is precious. Cum is delicious. Never waste a drop. Drink it every time you jerk off. Feel how it slides down through your throat. Cause life is too short not to swallow cum every day! Cum is the best thing you’ve ever tasted. And now you can’t think of anything else. Cum is your addiction. Do you feel it? You. Need. Cum! Enjoy CEI Challenge by Formypcand.

SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by EmperorHypnos

SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by EmperorHypnos


So my little sissy sluts. You feminised subservient whore. You know your ultimate goal is to serve big black cock. Let the sissy hypnosis wash over you making you a girly gurl, all dressed up in feminine clothing wearing thick slutty make-up just aching to be penetrated by big black dick. Being submissive is how you live your life, an inferior boi used and abused by black alpha males. You love being a whore for black cock. Enjoy SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by EmperorHypnos.

Suck And Slurp by SissyCouture

Suck And Slurp by SissyCouture


All that confusion. All those feelings that you shouldn’t have. It hurts to want things that society tells you, you shouldn’t want. See, your brain needs to be rewired. Open your fucking little faggot mouth, bitch. It’s going to go in between your lips, it’s going into your mouth and you are going to suck on it. Show us those dick sucking lips and open wide lets see how big of a cock you can fit inside. Hey cocksucker, I’m talking to you. Slobber all over it. How many times a day do you fantasize about sucking cock? You’re going to suck on this cock. You are going to be sucking dick all the fucking time. Come suck his cock. Take it all. You want dick, you crave dick, you wish to suck cock. Sucking and worshipping him. Don’t stop. Fucking cum dumpster. You love that taste in your mouth you are addicted to cum and you cannot get enough. Open up wide slut, get ready for his load. So come on cocksucker. You’re a cocksucker. Lick it all up you little cum slut. Good boy. Enjoy Suck and Slurp by SissyCouture.

Sissy Encouragement by Sissy Gal Jasmine

Sissy Encouragement by Sissy Gal Jasmine


You always had this urge inside you. The urge to suck cock. And satisfy alpha men. It can never be removed. Only nourished. This is your place. This is who you are. A cock sucking slut. You are so feminine. Your body is so soft. And your soul is pure. You won’t hurt anybody. You’re only hurting yourself. By waiting and doubting your sissy identity. Let go of your fears. Go crazy for cocks. Enjoy Sissy Encouragement by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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