Lucid Sissy Thoughts by Sissy Gal Jasmine

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Cock is what you crave. Dressing feminine is your route to the goal… cock sliding in and out of your holes. Sissy boi. You want to get fucked so much, and why not. It’s your entire reason for living. Dressing up, putting on make up, growing your hair long, getting your nails done, being waxed all over, high heels, short skirt, itty bitty bra and panties that just cover your cocklet and boi pussy. You know it. Everyone knows it. Being a man isn’t your role in life. Being a sissy cock socket slut whore is what your role is. Sucking cock. Being fucked by cock. Swallowing gobs of sperm while locked in chastity is your life. It’s the life you’ve wanted to live for so long, isn’t it sissy faggot whore. Well, live it. Live it now! Enjoy Lucid Sissy Thoughts by Sissy Gal Jasmine.


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  1. Jennifer Green says:

    Great movie with small amount of hypno


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