The Lottery Pool for The Sissy School – Efféminé Université


Ever since I posted the article ‘Become A Sissy Whore’ I have been sent hundreds of messages by sissies who want to be transformed. That article alone has been read more than 400,000 times and over 250 comments and has over 300 five star votes. With over 200 views just today. It seems there are thousands of effiminate men who want to live their lives as controlled sissy girls.

So to further my idea I posted another article ‘Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered’ a tongue-in-cheek name I thought and that has been read more than 30,000 times with over 40 comments and over 40 five star votes.


I thought to myself, there really is a great opportunity here and since I have helped mentor some girly sissies in the past, why not step it up a notch. I thought maybe we could create a real Sissy University with its own charter, rules, even religion. In order for such an establishment to be created it would take money, lots of money. So I put up a poll, ‘Would you be willing to regularly donate $3.50 for the chance for us to build The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered?’. Over 256 votes were cast and 49% voted ‘Yes, I would donate $3.50 regularly.’ 20% voted ‘Yes, I would donate more regularly.’ But, unfortunately 30% were not really that interested in being a sissy girl and voted ‘No, I don’t really want to be a girl.’ So, over 178 cum guzzling amateur sissies visiting The Sissy Hypnosis Club would donate $3.50 to become a professional sissy girly girl of their dreams.

$623 doesn’t go a long way in the grand scheme of things. So, how about this. Donators would donate $3.50 into a pool for a lottery, which purchases lottery tickets in lotteries that would have a several million dollar jackpots. That would go a long way to buying a mansion and getting everything in place for your dreams to become real.

The following is a victorian mansion in France with its own entrance gate and long sweeping driveway. It is very old and traditional. It is excellent for our needs. It looks exactly like a traditional nineteenth century victorian school that reminds me something like the school building in the film ‘St. Trinian’s.’ Huge rooms and lots of land (nearly 90 acres) for training girls how to ride ponies or be ponygirls, since the property has equestrian facilities. Some people cannot see past the dirt and grime. Others can see with their third-eye how it could look when fully refurbished with soft furnishings, school desks and all the trimmings:


For €2,290,000 we could buy a huge mansion in France that would allow us to build what I call “Efféminé Université”, which is a school for feminine men to become the sissy girl of their dreams. A professional institution that would have its own charter and set of rules, even its own religion – maybe cock worship? Where at least 15 girls can be trained at one time to become real ladies. That would be if one girl per bedroom. But, maybe we’d have 4-6 girls per bedroom making 90 girls being trained at one time. If we had an average three month (that way each transitioning sissy can visit on a tourist visa) intensive course, depending on progress and work that needs to be done, that would be 360 girls trained every year. Applicants hand picked by those charter alumni that donate to the lottery pool. Yes, those who donate will become the first students to be trained at the University.

Each student signs a contract similar to those offered to actors, actresses or singers and that will mean that you will be under contract to do everything we tell you, when we tell you or suffer the consequences. It also protects you from bad masters since they will only be able to rent you, since we have the master contract. Each girl will have a certain tattoo that has a bitcoin or other alt digital currency qr code (this is your dowry – you will become very valuable as we will control your private key) and telephone/owner details – good especially if you become lost or run away, people will know where to send you back!

The school needs a bit of tender loving care as you can see. But, I hope you can see the potential. Since, we want all of our sissy girl students to be pampered into the bimbo sluts they need to become to satisfy their new masters when they are sold. We would build a spa, where those girls who have been good will get treated like the princesses they will be. In fact, girls will train how to work there. Since all of our teachers will eventually be ex-students. If you are naughty, and I know some of you will, the 17th century vaulted cellars in the basement will be turned into a dungeon with all the ropes and leather gear to explore your bondage and BDSM fantasies. I want to hear you say “Yes Mistress!”. Good girl…

You will study in the library surrounded by hardwood and leather bound books. One day you will be taught how to speak in your new master’s native language. The next you will be taught how to deepthroat a dildo or even learn how to cook or apply make-up. We could create our own religion, similar to how a certain scientific religious institution operates with different tiers and the complete devotion to the religion by its subjects. We could even perform marriages between master and sissy slave where girls can be wooed in the beautiful rose garden.

Can you imagine walking around these halls in your mandatory stiletto heeled shoes?

There is much room for expansion with many outbuildings ripe for conversion into ancillary accommodation. We could create small apartments for our graduates to live in until they have been found a master to work for. Maybe we’ll wire up the entire school to webcams and create a Sissy School website where people can follow the progress of our students 24/7 online. Maybe each bedroom will come fitted with a camwhore setup for girls to become comfortable talking slutily to others. With revenues going towards the operation of the school, the providing of estrogen rich foods, new dildos and fucking machines to finding you an alpha male husband or employment with a master or mistress. Whichever the school finds appropriate for you based upon your work at the school as well as the reports from your teachers and other sissy girls.

Could you imagine the possibilities of such an institution? Operated correctly, by those who have experience. With experienced teachers who know how to treat sissy girls like you. So serious are we that our girls will become the best cock sucking, cum guzzling sissy girls that we will even hire a psychiatrist to help those who need some help overcoming their fear of swallowing semen. A psychiatrist will also be invaluable to weed out those who are not serious about the transition as each of our girls will sit an exam to find out who they are and what they want to achieve. Those girls who pass the test will be admitted for full training over the period of several months, at least. Learning how to speak, apply make-up, dress to impress, suck hard cock, achieve sissygasm, cook, clean, be a good slut for her master. Girls will be taught a vocation, whether this is cleaning in a french maid’s outfit to clean her masters house, becoming a secretary to take notes for her master, washing clothes, ironing or even dancing, singing, acting, modelling or even being a sissy girl pornstar. It all depends on frequent examinations to find out what our students excel at. But one thing is for certain, all our girls will excel at being slutty sissy whores. That’s the real reason for the existence of “Efféminé Université” is your love for cock and cum. Worship the phallus, its what you crave.

Could you imagine the different celebrations we would have every year, reasons for all our sissy girls to get dressed up in their most sensuous gowns to party with our most important guests? What about the most important annual social event, the masquerade ball – that would actually be more like something from Eyes Wide Shut, where we worship our devoted religious icons.

So, what do you think? Would you love to be part of a real Sissy School that will turn you from a worthless panty boi into a gorgeous sissy bimbo who knows how to serve her master? Are you willing to donate to a lottery and if we win this dream will come true. $3.50 will buy an entry into a lottery with a minimum jackpot of $17,500,000. That kind of win would pay for the mansion, the ground, the renovations to the buildings, the set up of all the equipment and to establish the “Efféminé Université” and maybe open a few sissy related businesses, which our graduate sissy girls can work in.

What if we won a jackpot in excess of $50,000,000 I hear you ask? What would you say if I suggested we bought an island in the Carribbean and turned it into a sex tourism destination. Therefore girls had something to do after they graduated the Sissy School. An island where high-profile and high-earning individuals would visit to participate in the sexual encounters of their dreams. All girls would be sucking and fucking day in and day out and enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the Carribbean. For about $10 million a ready-made resort is available that caters for 30 guests in luxury with open air showers, plunge pools, and sun decks.

And/or maybe we could buy a GoGo bar and hotel in Thailand or a legal brothel in Reno, a sex shop in San Francisco or gentlemen’s strip clubs in any number of tourist locations. Once our sissy girls have graduated they can work on tourist visas in different countries. If we own and operate our own leisure properties we can make sure we only have the best and provide the best service for our varied customer base. A sissy girl no longer has to remain a citizen of one country alone. Permanently travelling all over the world working as a Jetset Sissy Slut! Sounds like an opportunity most visitors to the Sissy Hypnosis Club would relish. I know it’s something I would love to do for the rest of my natural life…


If you would like to donate to the lottery fund you have to prove that you really want to do this. Therefore, there are a series of steps you must do to donate.

  1. First of all you must have a SecondLife account. is an online virtual reality simulation game which has real currency, the Linden Dollar (L$).
  2. You can purchase these Linden Dollars with a credit card or PayPal and it is totally anonymous. Makes it easier for all of us, plus you get the benefit of becoming involved in the SecondLife LBGTQ community there too if you would like. The billing on your account will be “LindenLabs”. It is easy to purchase Linden Dollars the process is laid out simply on the main account page.
  3. You then need to visit the Sissy Hypnosis Club, which has a small booth in SecondLife and donate L$1,000 (equals approximately $3.50) in the jar in the middle of the room, you can’t miss it, it’s purple and says ‘Sissy Hypnosis Club – Lottery Fund Donator Jar – L$1000 Buys A Lottery Ticket’. For every L$1,000 donated I will buy a lottery ticket for that week and I will buy them as soon as a someone donates, don’t you worry.
  4. Those that donate regularly, buy as many tickets as you can afford weekly, monthly or whenever you can, and you will benefit from additional chances to be the first to be a student at the “Efféminé Université”.
  5. Every donation will be recorded. I will announce how many tickets were purchased this week and if we have won any money from the lottery on this page.

If we win the jackpot, well all of our dreams will come true in an instant and I will set to work to create the most beautiful experience you could ever imagine. An army of slutty bimbo pornstar sissy sluts, yes all graduates will be bimbo sissy pornstars with a string of films as well as live chat and escorting abilities. I cannot wait to help you all. I love to make you squirt in a glass and lick it up!

Luv you always, LGBTTQQIAAP
X <3 X <3 X


38 Responses to “The Lottery Pool for The Sissy School – Efféminé Université”

  1. says:

    Is this for real? Soe, rich guy would prob help us if the sissies were really sexy. Sad to know only a few of is would be picked. But with all that lamd we coukd just get a huge tent for litterly all of us amd the hottest and best sissies would have an official room with there name in it. While not as good,of sisies are in tents unkess they take the olace of someone in house as there better. Or even just more added buildings then the first best sissies chsoen never have to worry about loosing there room. Would we re decorate house? looks ugly a little. But yah if sissies are worried about nit getting to live there then i guess my giamt tent idea was bad. Theres at least 1m views in some sissy videos prob way to many people i guess for paying for food. Unkess again a rich guy supports us wich is prob the onyl way thus ever happemds unless we wait for liek 50+ years for the $3 donation.

    Brandy: 15 sissies each taking a 3 month intensive training is 60 per year, to start. That is because there are 15 rooms. We may have 4 sissy girls to a room, which would make it 60 girls at a time and 900 girls per year. No need for tents. Each one would need to be found employment within the group as stated within the proposal. That is before work is completed on the ancillary accommodation which adjoins the property. The house will be returned to its former glory and look like a proper school with additional luxury of fully featured spa with swimming pool, gym and other necessary buildings because we are working on body, mind and spirit for every girl that passes through the gates. $3.50 donation is to the lottery pool and each donation goes to buy a lottery ticket in a lottery with a minimum $17.5 million jackpot. It’s one of the only ways this would actually work.

  2. says:

    You should ask the visitors of this site if any of them want to show off what they got. This way maybe a rich guy(s) or female(s) would be more interested in helping if he/she see’s there are serious sissy girls, sissies can get dressed up girly,nude,face picture, choose the name they want to go by,details do not have to be shared but maybe if the rich guys or females are interested he/she can vote for the Sissy he likes by paying a certain amount owner of site choice of money he/she pay $1 or more and proving he’s/she rich FIRST that way the votes are from rich guys/girls ONLY and votes are true and not just anyone. This way we can figure out if house is going to work! Unless we have rich sissy girl(s) already which want to pay for this?? probably don’t or they would donate all the money already. If not then this is the idea we could use. We could also have this go further and make the site a social site for approved sissies ONLY to message each other you must be an approved sissy you MUST have basic clothes Bra,panties and red or pink lipstick. You can wear more but that would be the basic stuff to be approved also following full body pictures of sissies wearing clothes from back,front and both sides and naughty poses also video but that is optional and site owners choice. This would avoid fakes and any pictures posted would not be allowed posted instantly by poster but rather site owner until approved or not approved as it violates rules. Users wanting picture(s)/video(s) being removed should consider not doing this if you want the picture(s) /video(s) removed. ALWAYS take good pictures of yourself or just don’t bother trying to submit a ugly picture or video of you and be SERIOIS as pictures should not need to be removed!!!! If you want picture REMOVED but owner says NO your OPTION could be to DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT COMPLETELY!!!!!! and EVERYTHING IS GINE!!!!! Sorry but this helps keep the site full of genuine sissies who also love doing this but you still have the option of leaving and removing all your stuff. Again avoid fake sissies by approving pictures/videos. What is a real sissy? simple someone who likes cross dressing or is trans who just simply likes being girly doesn’t mean it’s a 24/7 thing BUT if you are accepted to come to the house you might only get to be a boy in your own room or own private time. BUT REMEMBER YOU ARE GOING TO A PLACE TO BE A SISSY SO YA expect to be GIRLY MOST OF THE TIME. BUT obviously really intense rules would suck if you always had to be dressed up and acting girly so you’d have your own private time with others to act guy like for sanity reasons. As for the rich guys/girls if they wanted to fake being sissies to talk to real sissies for free well they would have to fake it really well by approved pictures and videos described above with girly personality. Because the sissies should be PROTECTED from bullies and rich guys/females should help pay for house. That’s why the approved thing would help and keep the creeps away for good! The rich guys/Females are ONLY allowed to message sissies IF they talk to owner of site first by proving there interested in helping us buy paying $100+ dollars or whatever you the owner of site decides but if they don’t pay at least $10 or $20 off bat to just see if it’s legit as even i don’t know if you the owner are being legit or what your genuinely up to by having this site. But ya the rich guys and even sissies want to know this site is legit! The rich guys/girls want to be sure because paying for something but not getting what you paid for would suck so $10 or $20 at first and the following times or more until you know there regulars you give them a yearly pay of well because there rich make them pay $500 more a year depending on what you want but make sure to have amours posted so they know your not ripping them off. but if there are at least 20 or more sissies interested I think this house idea becomes a more real option. As for 12m is really well up there might want to reconsider a house for 5 or 10 that’s maybe just 1m or less. Just to start off with make more money over time get bigger house. But a nice house no matter what for sure. If any others have idea’s make sure to post them. Thanks for reading 💋

  3. Jade says:

    … scholarships … ? };)

    … just want to add my vote to “I would donate more regularly…”

  4. Sissymark says:


    This is a great place and a great idea. But to rely on a lottery win to buy the place or a place like this is never going to happen. Just look at the chances?

    My sugestion is this. First, start smaller. There will be some rich wanna be sissies who really are prepared to pay for a guaranteed feminisation service. Get it going on a small scale, and start earning towards the big prize.

    Second, do not even consider the lottery thing. There are MUCH better investments. Two I would suggest. First is Bitcoin and/or other crypto currencies. You might expect this to double in a year, 5 years, perhaps 30 times. There are no promises here but the chance is good. You can invest a small or a large amount just the same. The second investment is London property. Why not try to buy a small house in London first? Once brought property has a record of going up in value much faster than many other assets. Buy something cheap and rundown and you can convert into flats and sell for much more.

    Can I help with this? Yes I am happy to, where I can. Do I want to be feminised? No, but its already happening. I keep thing of mens cocks inside me and wishing I had breasts and was taking hormones. I know this will happen and how I wish it wouldn’t. But it turns me on so much just to think about it …

    Ooops got distracted!


    Secondly, the

  5. DreamOfBeingSissy says:

    Is there somewhere where we could see how much has been donated, and maybe pools entries and all? Would really love to this happen, and will definetly donating a bit as soon as my financial situation allows it! Maybe keep us updated as well if you give up this “project”..

    From Brandy Little. We’ve had L$2,000 donated which equals about $7, which was two tickets. Unfortunately both tickets did not win.

  6. says:

    Please show us the place you are buying the tickets. Im willing to smd more then a few dolalrs but i need proof this is real.

    From Brandy: I buy tickets from The World Lottery Club. Currently have had 6 donators so 6 tickets purchased. No wins as yet.

  7. Moka Willoughby says:

    ohh i so want to attend, I would love to be turned into a sissy and a girl as soon as possible, i would also just love to be sold to masters. I love every single word on this and this would be a dream come true or more. i would strive to be the best goddam sissy girl in the whole school. but knowing my luck i probably would never be able to go…. Plus i am a bit low on cash but if i could then i would possibly even want to stay and never leave.

  8. GammaSissu says:

    When I get my laptop back up and running I’m Def gonna see how much I can help out!! This is a total dream for me

  9. GammaSissy says:

    And maybe offer a service where people can help pay in exchange for some time with the sissy once the reach a curtain stage in the process and such

  10. JocelynTopaz says:

    Is the hypnosis club still open in second life? I’m new to second life but when I click the link the 3d client tells me desired location not currently available. Link is dead?

    • It is still in SecondLife. Here is the location:

      • iwanttobeasissy says:

        now,i want to know ,where should i donate L$ the address you gave,i couldn’t find the donation box,maybe u changed place,or u’r closed,or u’ve won the prize.i saw the comments here 2 years ago,so ,could you tell me new place,or it’s over.please tell me ,i hope the school will succeed ,and i can go to school there.

        From Brandy – You can drop L$1,000 on my profile in SecondLife – Brandy Little. I will buy a ticket. Fingers crossed for a win because when we’ve won we will build the project 🙂

      • iwanttobeasissy says:

        is the hypnosis club still open in secone life?i’m new to second life .i don’t know a lot of it.i wan to donate L$1000,but i don’t know how to donate.or just give it to u .but i’m a new .so ,could u tell me the specific process ,or give a location .now,i’m a university students in China,i will study Englishi carefully so that i can go to the sissy school.hope we can succeed,my dream is that when i graduate from college,the school will be established,and then i can go straight to study ,to be a wonderfun please tell me how to pay the L$1000,i hope i can do something for the school and dream

      • iwantobeasissy says:

        i finally found the payment button ,i have donated L$1000to you ,may god bless our dream can be successful,i am just a student with no income,but i wll continue to donate (maybe not as much as others),so that our dream can be realized soon.My id in second life is Wuchunchun,maybe the ticket of mine will win the u 🙂

  11. LizSIssy says:

    it would be cool but I dont belive it, aounda like a scam, for desperate sissies.

    From Brandy – Not a scam darling. If you don’t want to contribute, don’t, simples.

  12. Sissy_Eve says:

    Where are these announcements for tickets bought per week M’lady I’d love to be kept up to speed on this.

    From Brandy — We’ve had a few donations over the past few months. I have been purchasing tickets even when there have been no donations. No wins so far. Maybe girls can pick some lucky numbers for us 🙂

  13. says:

    i would sign up in a heart beat… 🙂 heaven.. If all us girls got on chaturbate and sold our sissy holes we would have more money for the fund *giggle*

  14. I have received quite a few donations this week. Just to let everyone know, tickets have been purchased for this week with donations made. Thank you to those who have donated. If we win I will be putting up a huge banner across the top of the site. Luv Brandy xxx

  15. says:

    Hey Sissies,

    All of the living the life fantasy is so much fun. How about a sissy transformation for real? Be turned into
    the stunning bottom sissy you have always dreamed of becoming.

    My name is Tia Tizzianni and I personally do SISSY TRANSFORMATION & SISSIFICATION TRAINING. Do we use
    hypno techniques? You bet. Do we always need to?
    No, not at all. So many girls are so into it they get so hard and drippy during makeup and are so ready by the time they are dressed and ready.

    Want to see some of the transformation and sissification training? I post them on This is where the girls act out their feminine fantasies during the feminization training. These are actually their fantasies. The PG stuff is on my YOUTUBE page.

    Yes, I am open to helping girls. Many of the girls I work with are now in SISSY PORN and TRANS PORN. Yes, I am for real. Yes, every girl posted on my sites approached me about helping them become the girl of their fantasies. If you want to be completely transformed email me Subject: Transform me into a PORNO STARLET or use the same email and Subject: Discrete Transformation & Sissification.

    Good luck to all of you.


    Tia Tizzianni

  16. says:

    wow this is THE DREAM!
    is this still ongoing ?
    i’ll be playing the lottery more often hahah XD

    contact me i’d love to be a part of this <3

    Lucy 24 y.o.

  17. says:

    I reckon you invest the •$3,50 into crypto currency but choose wisely and in a few years you should definitely have enough doe to start your school for real the lottery idea a long shot maybe do half and half if I make it big with my crypto investments I’d defenitly bung you £1000000 I love your vision all us Sissy’s have one.! Good luck Luvya Tiquila Xo

  18. Bell says:

    I can hear the sissy’s of the world wishing for this to be reality (Best of luck I wish you guys get the place 😀 )

  19. Sissyamber says:

    I want to donate as much as I can is there any way to donate without having a second life account?

  20. miles reed says:

    hello any one really out there that feminizes men that want to be gurls

  21. Astora says:

    Hi, normally I don’t really go around spreading my opinion of how other people should be doing things, but this seems like such a good idea I can’t help myself. Using donations to buy lottery tickets is a interesting way to go about it, but like you yourself mentioned rich millionaires would be able to fund this project much better than crowd sourcing. Here is the thing though, this has the potential to be enormously profitable. Much of the top 1% who have the money to make this a reality are only interested on return in investment. Of course I am in no way qualified to be talking about stuff like this, so if you want do some research of your own. In your current plan I think you said the school would be housing 300 clients per year, for the sake a reality lets say you only fill 150 – 200 slots every year and that the tuition costs per client is 100,000 USD. I am assuming the costs of any surgeries/augmentations pay for themselves with the up charge of tuition. That would mean before anything the school would be making 15,000,000 – 20,000,000 USD a year. Now obviously much of this would go to maintenance, staff wages, and other expenses accrued through normal usage. 20 million USD a year is something that most investors would salivate to get their hands on, even if it is diminished and possibly split between multiple beneficiaries. Of course the one main issue the potential investors will have is legality of the operation and the seemingly narrow market for a school such as this. The legal issues is something I cannot speak on because I am unfamiliar with European legislature, but for the narrow market issue you might want to tweak the idea of the school to include less intensive curriculum, shorter stay times for less intense and less cost prohibitive curriculum. Say having only 100 spaces allocated to the year long curriculum while having the other 200 dedicated to 3 month, 1 month, 1 week, or even just weekend curriculum/events. Appealing to a wider base of effeminate men might skew the image of the school in your mind, but will lead to a greater chance of it becoming a reality. What I am trying to get at here is that taking this idea to the people with the money and creating a more fleshed out plan will likely get this school up and running before the lottery or idly waiting for the rich investors to stumble upon this site. Now I understand the fear of bringing this idea into a realm more inclined to shame and torment than to accept and encourage, but with a major project like this, exposure is inevitable and it is much easier to control the exposure yourself. I know my ramblings probably don’t make sense, but what I am trying to say is that many more people want this to become a reality than you know. Reach out to other sites and try to build momentum towards the goal rather than trying to gain everything in an instant. Sorry if this comes off as rude, but again this is something that I would enjoy coming to fruition soon. Good luck!

    • Arra says:

      Prostitution is legal in France, though soliciting in public is still outlawed. Pimping is illegal and brothels were outlawed in France in 1946, right after the War. So the sex would have to be in a personal basis on private property off-campus

      • Arra says:

        Also the money would have to go to the sissies themselves and not the school. Perhaps the school rules would have an “upkeep-cost” for every student after “extracredit assignments”

  22. says:

    I know someone who is in a position to purchase this property – is it still available? I like Astora’s ideas above and could do with putting together a team of people first before they’d be comfortable purchasing it. A property this size is going to need a sizable team to run it… The website link above connects to my telegram IM.

  23. says:

    I love the idea. I think one day the school is actually reality. We have over 10 000 active students in our online sissy school () and it gets so good feedback. Maybe one day it becomes more than just sitting behind computer and following the tasks assigned through online. Dreams dreams dreams ^^

    From Brandy: Your school is great. I hope we can work together to bring a physical school to reality *love you lots* Brandy xx

  24. Robert Swinney says:

    I have dreamed of being a girl long b4 dont ask me y but thats what i have always wanted.i love all ur ideas an i have many of my own that could make money for the school or whatever it turns out to b. So please sign me up i would leave my stupid life behind n never look back . I would have finnaly a meaning to my life. Oh n i am a freak who would love to submit and ive got a ass the turns straigh guys into sissy fuckers. Leaving them certinatly confuse about there own sexuality. Lol. Im bi love women love not so much. But i would submit for them like a true bimbo cum eating slut. Sorry about the spelling n if i offended any one well guess i need to be punished.. i want this to b real more than anything.

  25. the unknown says:

    what gorgeous babes ! i want to meet them and …….
    imagine ……………
    how can it be arranged ?

  26. Lysa14 says:

    Hello, could someone give me the links of the place where we can donate for this lottery?

  27. Arra says:

    I know I don’t really have any place to say, but the time are a bit different and this can be done in ways which are far more efficient. With pay-pal having ways to crowd source money, not to mention gofundme, kickstarter, and patreon, this can be done in ways which get you the money faster and more direct. I would donate but I’m not going do it through some game currency.If you set up a Patreon account we can donate in an automated fashion. You can also post the tickets online which will show we haven’t been scammed and due to Patreons processes which requiere proof regularly that people aren’t paying for nothing. You could even offer rewards to people who donate more. Have a shout-out to your “Favorite Sissies” who are trying to make their dreams come true. If this is something you genuinely want to do I would recommend modern crowd sourcing. If you give us a patreon you can expect my support and posssibly many others. This allows you to reach even more people because you can search for Patreon creations and creators.

  28. sissy says:

    I’m from China and I especially want to take part in training.

  29. stephaniecurl says:

    ohhhh myyyyyyyyyy god concept and school sounds wonderful. I would definately be interested in learning and serving as the sissy I have becum. Thank you for continuing ur efforts to have this becum a reality steph

  30. Sandy says:

    I would sell my everything how to get dressed up in panties panties bra let everyone come in my mouth you can have all the proceeds


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