Some Girly Feminism and Hypno Link Galleries:

  • (search hypno for hundreds of amazing galleries)
  • (great forum where you can become a girly)

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29 Responses to “Links”

  1. Nydan61 says:

    can I donate via Paypal?

    [Hi Paypal doesn’t accept the new website extensions such as .club at this time I cannot accept PayPal. I will look for another solution soon :)]

  2. says:

    All my gaves & desires, its like internet has so made me crave cock & being a good girl just feels right & true

  3. says:

    Not sure where to start. Other than to say thankyou. Truly not sure when my love of sissys or erotic hypnos started. Its like they so overwhelm me or maybe overpower me. Whatever they do, its like i never want it to end. Often times i find it crazy to think this way n yet being happy n cintent with desures of being an owned n collared whore or slut is like just a glorious thought. Haha. As do i love it

  4. says:

    Its crazy how much my thoughts have changed as do i so often feel like maybe they were always with me. Its like im turning into a dirtified whore n not just a fantasy thing either. Crazy n so hot at same time

  5. lacy says:

    omg I love what you’ve done! I’m deeply sissified and feed the deliciousness every chance I get… when will you have a meet-up list/feature so I can find other yummy slutty lingerie+cock addicts to play with?? 😉

  6. says:

    One cant help but love bloggers like tiatizzianni to sissy Karen n sissysluthearher to emperor hypnos. Its like they totally rock. And love your club blogger. As its totally hot n often tines gets me on edge where i find kyself happiest. That n being a good girl haha

  7. TSHarlot79 says:

    One wood think I’ve Vann beat this. Yet I go for days without a hypo and it’s like a double whammy lol

  8. says:

    please add mine!

  9. says:

    I so respect n love your site, as feel blessed in knowing & appreciating you more & more everyday. ThankU

  10. Mustapha says:

    I love your site! Last year you posted a video that was a mix of the movie “The Skin I Live In” with another. The last part of the video where the actress was riding a dildo does not seem to be the same as the first part. What’s the name of this movie? What happened to the video you posted? Finally a suggestion, I missed a way to get in touch by email directly, I think it would be great if a contact section was added. Congratulations for your work! Thanks.

    Brandy: Sorry the video was deleted from the video hosting site. It is unfortunate, it was a good film.

  11. David martin says:

    Please send me sissy hypnosis mail cant stop thinking about it

  12. says:

    Love both of these links! Glad someone is saving them for us! Not sure how I haven’t found this page before! Love the whole site! Thank you!


  13. naoum patrick says:

    Want to be a sissy slut am 55 years old

  14. Up down gem fiend says:

    I have been a closet sissy all omy life that I remember but it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I started to actively pursue being a girl full time . I did it for a good year ( with the help of party favors like meth and weed ) . It was very nice but I hit a glass ceiling . Now I spend hundred of dollars on lingerie each moth and watch hypno everyday . I really want to go all the way , but I need help . I can be reached at six six one five 44zeroseven nine two . Also looking for other seriously playful sissy slits to help with my committment to gem dome .

  15. Kade says:

    Um can you make me a sissy and make me a real one please and talk to me further please

  16. says:

    Hey, i was looking for a way to contact you, could not find the contact form…

    I am running a pretty complex Sissy Exposure program, i believe sissy exposure is an important step in the sissification training, abd i wanted to ask you, if you could include my tumblr blog in the list above.

    Thank you

  17. Crissy Cox says:

    I love being the sissy girl I am.

  18. sissyminayi says:

    i am from china i want to sissy slut

  19. silkteddy says:

    OOhh HOW I LOVE……… THANK YOU >>>!!!

  20. wercia says:


  21. Marion says:

    Will there be a sissy hypnosis club forum?
    Since tumblr will shut down porn, I think a forum could be a nice way to overcome it.

    From Brandy: It’s a good idea. At the moment is the closest we have to a community site.

  22. Brooklyn Hines says:

    Yes I am under lock down now until I can learn to cum without touching my tiny sissy clitty Yes mom I have been a bad sissy

  23. Francis says:

    I want to be addicted on shemale pornography. What should I do?

  24. Iwanttotry says:

    I want to try it

  25. says:

    I love being a sissy slut it’s a sexy feeling and the guy love to fill your mouth yummy warm cum and they seem to fuck you deeper and cum harder. I’ve been called a size queen a bottom bitch a cum dumpster to hell with whose bitch’s I’m a proud sissy thank’s for giving me the courage to be me.

  26. says:

    What about ?
    There is TONS of captions here!

  27. Roger Tuttle says:

    I will be your employee and forego all recompense for married hillbilly pervert hairjerking fat ass truckers and married snobs for quick choke and gag fag boots remover stinking socks balled and crammed in mouth to muffle deep 3 or4punch ass hole opening hair pulled straight ed neck fast hard deep ass wr

  28. says:

    I love being a sissy so much more now thanks for all the tip’s.


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