Jealous Of Girls – Feminization Sissy Transformation by finallyFeminine

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What do you think about these girls? You are jealous. They are so pretty, so confident. Getting cock on Saturday night while you are just fantisizing. They are pretty and feminine. You don’t know what enjoyment feels like. You are meant to be feminine and get seduced by man who find you cute. You three could be friends, talking about boys and girly stuff. You are a girl. There is not even a choice to be made. Look at her. See how happy she is on her knees getting cock. This could be you. You are a cute girl. You love cock. You love cum. You enjoy sucking cock. Look at her. You are jealous. You feel warm and happy when you surround cock with your lips. You were meant to be feminine. Sucking cock is your passion. Let men fight for glory and success. That is not your battle. You’re female. Your strategy is to wait for the strong and dominant male and please him and his cock. You cannot resist dominant men. You are addicted to cock. You enjoy sucking cock. You are feminine. Sucking cock is your passion. Enjoy Jealous Of Girls – Feminization Sissy Transformation by finallyFeminine.


4 Responses to “Jealous Of Girls – Feminization Sissy Transformation by finallyFeminine”

  1. sissy_paula says:

    In real life I am transgender; let you hypnotize me into being a busty sissy sex toy

  2. Kaite says:

    I am trying to get the courage to start my changing into a sissy I was just wondering if you wanna talk may by talking to someone who knows what I’m going through will help.

  3. Chris mussaw says:

    I want to be hypnotized sissy. I will do whatever it takes


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