Very Intense Sissy Trainer

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Say “I want to be a sissy!” Say it like you mean it. We are going to take you on a journey, a journey where you will worship men and cocks. Your lust for cock is overwhelming. You need it. You desire it. Sucking cock and swallowing cum is all you want to do. Let us take you on that journey from your reality into a new reality where you are the girl, you are ready for cock, you are ready to swallow copious amounts of jizz. This will be your destiny, it will be fixed. For the rest of your life you will be a cock hungry slut desperate for her next fix of cum. Cum is what your crave. Say it “Cum is what I crave!” That’s a good sissy slut. Enjoy this very intense sissy trainer.


18 Responses to “Very Intense Sissy Trainer”

  1. Stacy says:

    Intense sissy trainer is where I want to be. The thoughts going through my head about all that cum. On my knees where I belong!

  2. destiny says:

    yes where we belong 🙂

  3. destiny says:

    cannot escape

  4. says:

    I so cant get it to play. But its like its like i cant get enough hypnos or my urges are so freakin changing. Very little sleep n even when i sleep its like its a constant all night long. Crazy right. Lol it can be. Refardless love them n being me

  5. destiny says:

    ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh i am a girl. i love cock

  6. destiny says:

    ummmmmmm ummmmmmmm

  7. Vera says:

    I am a man’s play toy any man can have me as long as he wants how ever he wants.

  8. says:

    Oh wow, its like one cant help but feel best when just listening n relaxing at all the thoughts n desires, as does it feel so refreshing n happiness at same time. Thanku for sharing, as is it most relaxing.

  9. says:

    Mmm incredibly hot and so much love. It’s like one can’t help but live them more and more. Often times and knowing they are impossible and so futile. Being TS and sissy,

  10. says:

    You have no idea what that does to me haha. I’m rubbing my nipples and licking my lips to sticking my tongue out

  11. destiny says:

    cant stop thinking of cock whos in d.c i need a cuddle buddy lol

  12. destiny slut for brandy says:

    hi mis. brandy its your lil girl cock whore obeying you

  13. destiny slut for brandy says:

    i obey you brandy

  14. Stefani Arnaud says:

    I must always wear only women’s clothes. I purposely destroyed all my boy clothes, so I’d have no choice but put on women’s clothes to go out in public. I have no regrets!

  15. Evilyn says:

    I wanna be a sissy, I submit, I need training I luv sissy porn, makes me feel like a girl

  16. says:

    God its like i never want to stop watching or being myself. It feels to good to ever stop. I want this inn my everyday life as i can’t help but feel comfy in this life and wood so give yup reverting to have this life everyday

  17. says:

    Oh god it’s like I so would give up everything to just be me 24-7-forever. Can’t imagine a better life than just being me forever, as it’s all I’ve ever wanted from life. As did I just watch this on my other phone under mbwinston611 , didn’t want to be a secret as do I feel I can’t tell you anything as I love how you think and are. With much love and respect

  18. Christain allison says:

    I love it but it is hard to get it to play tho would like ti see a complete file at least one ti mom e tho


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