Hypno Sissy

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When you were a little boy, you had a dream…

The day has arrived. What do you want to be Prince Osmond? Me? What do I want to be? A beautiful princess! Does this mean I’ll never be a princess? Not like this you won’t, no. You’re not a girl like me, silly! If I can’t be a woman… I’ll never be happy. Always so dramatic. Sorceror, turn Prince Osmond into a princess! I’ll never meet a prince now. I’ll always be a virgin! Nonsense, I CAN do it! With my MAGIC SISSY POWDER! Your diamond mother… and the MAGIC SISSY POWDER! Snort it! Slut! The kingdom is celebrating! Today the beautiful Princess Osmonda will marry her prince! All my dreams came true! And they/you/sissy/they/you/sissy lived happily ever after…

Now that you’ve grown up. What do you want to be?

Enjoy Hypno Sissy by VirtualJane2012.


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