How I Accidentally Went Gay by SissyNewLifeStory

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Nobody accidentally goes gay. You are gay and have been gay for a long time. It took you quite a while to realise it and come to terms that your new status in life is as a sissy slut. You have always loved cock more than pussy, in fact I would go as far as saying you can’t stomach pussy. Cock rocks your world and that is how it shall be from now until eternity. When you first started looking at porn on the Internet it didn’t take too long for you to realize that you loved cock so much, didn’t it? So much so that you became addicted to porn. You have come so addicted to porn that sissy, shemale and gay porn is all that can get you off. Being the girl in every scene is all you think about. Wearing girly clothes, shoes, growing your hair and perfecting your make-up is how you want to live your life now, isn’t it? You can never return to being a real man. Sissy Hypnosis works. It’s worked its magic on you. Sissy. You can never, ever, ever return from your status as a slutty, filthy, horny, sissy whore. Good girl. Good girl. Enjoy How I Accidentally Went Gay by SissyNewLifeStory.

Part 1:

Part 2 (Start Crossdressing):

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  1. Dianne says:

    As a lifetime cross dresser I was truly amazed and quite pleased when I discovered internet sissy and shemale porn. For over a year I watched thousands of hours of sissy porn and became wonderfully addicted! As a result I became a cock and cum loving sissy whore who constantly craves cock in my mouth and up my boipussy! I absolutely love my femininity and love being a sexy, slutty whore and I certainly would never want to go back to my unfulfilled life as a man! Sissy hypnosis absolutely works and I will continue to watch in order to keep my sissy lifestyle on track!


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