DADDY by AmberSis

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I know what you need sissy. I know what all sissies need. Sissies need a DADDY. You want to feel taken care of. You want to no longer worry about where your next meal is coming from. You no longer want to worry about where your money comes from for sexy outfits, slutty high heeled patent platform stilettos. You crave protection. Because you are a little sissy girly girl, admit it darling. You will offer your mouth and your ass to any alpha male who takes care of you, protects you, loves you. You will do anything for that protection and that love. You will suck hard cock and swallow hot cum all day if it means you don’t have to worry about life’s problems. No need to worry about paying rent, or utilities, your daddy will keep you safe. You would happily be the model house wife who spends all day shopping for sexy lingerie, shoes, and having beauty treatments. Spends her time looking after his house and making it a home for him. Anything to keep your DADDY happy and supplying you with his hard cock and hot jizz all night, every night.You love him don’t you? You need his cock in your boi ass pussy so, so much! I know you do sissy slut. I know you do! What are you going to do to attract your alpha male daddy? How far will you go? Feminization is the only way, sweetheart! Start feminizing today. Start now! Don’t hold back your desire any longer start working towards your goal! The goal of pleasing Daddy! Be a good girl, sissy! Enjoy DADDY by AmberSis.


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