Cum Lover

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You’ve got a pretty mouth, don’t you sissy? You would like nothing more for a hard cock from an alpha male to fill it wouldn’t you? Dirty sissy slut. You want your mouth full of hard cock trusting down your tight throat, don’t you? Its not enough, is it? You want hot creamy, salty jizz sliding down your throat too don’t you? Spunk, semen, jizz, cum, whatever you want to call that gooey goodness. Watch 40 minutes of male ejaculation over and over and really become a cum lover.

Put on your headphones and relax. Watch this video every day to achieve complete cum addiction. Three months of daily viewing will guarantee cock and cum obsession. During the first month, allow yourself to orgasm at any point in the video, but be sure to view the video fully. During the second month, do not orgasm until the end of the video. During the third month, edge yourself throughout the video and eat all of your precum and edged cum. Orgasm only into your own mouth at the end of the video. During days 90-100, view the video as many times per day as possible, but DO NOT masterbate. Do not even touch yourself. On day 101, go out and suck as much cock as you can. Eat every drop of cum you can coax into your mouth. You are now a cock and cum lover. Watch Cum Lover from Jlodalisque.


4 Responses to “Cum Lover”

  1. Corset Sissy says:

    This is an awesome video. There is nothing so wonderful as seeing a lovely hard cock cuming and cuming hard. Lots of cum. This video will make you so hard, and drive you crazy until you get some of that cum for yourself! There are so many yummy cocks in this video. If only I could wrap my lips around them all.

    • Peter says:

      Hi there,
      DOn’t know where you are but we share the same passion for cocks and cums.
      one of my dreams is to be with another sissy and go to a place to share as many men as possible.
      what a dream it would be!

      • CorsetSissy says:

        I agree. That would be fun. I would love to be with another sissy and just suck him and suck him and suck him and then have him do me. By the way, I am near Toronto

  2. Peter says:

    Men seem to always want to fuck.
    But when you want them, where do you go?
    If you’re around, let me know. I have a little mouth and a little smooth ass for all men (but I tend to like hairy fatty boys).


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