Cum Love by Perverted Meditations

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You crave the taste of cum. You love how the billions of sperms dance all over your tongue. You ache for the feel of semen in your mouth. You salivate at the thought of swallowing a huge load of spunk. You thirst for more ejaculate every day. You are a cum whore. You need it, require it, covet it, lust after it, dream about it, long for more and more sperm than you can ever imagine. What are you waiting for, you can create what you require, right now. Get your cock out, start playing. Soon you will pump a load that you will devour. You can’t wait, can you cum slut. Enjoy Cum Lover by Perverted Meditations.


2 Responses to “Cum Love by Perverted Meditations”

  1. christopher sluss says:

    It was a good idea that never got past the good idea stage. Too slow and it just wouldn’t end. The thought that went into the dialog may have some yessir types around them. really fun and well done dialog ruined by a sound that would accurately describe the movement of a heroin junkie nodding out. something along the lines of a modern type O negative sound might have been better. just a thought that could change at this point. Keep the writer, give the music directo 1 more chance then adios. thanks for reading. keep in mind this just my opinion. and I’m a cotton candy brained bimbo sissy.

    • christopher sluss says:

      i saw something. when I say the Dialog had some yessir types I ment the music director. i liked the story she was sharing.


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