Cum Eating Encouragement With Drool Instructions by Liminaljet

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 We have something planned today. You are going to need something. So before we begin… I have a job for you: You need a cup or bowl. If you don’t have one. You can’t play with us! So be a good boy and find one. Will you do that for us? Say “Yes”. Good boy. Now… If you need to find a cup then there’s a rule: Will you do what we say? Say “Yes”. Good boy. Here’s the rule: You must take off your underwear. NOW. No underwear. Even if you have to go shopping. Now pause this video and go. I hope you did what we said. Good boy. Now we can begin. Get naked for us. You are going to get messy. And you will need that cup. So sit up and get ready. Like a good boy. You are going to copy us. And do what we say. So let’s begin… Stroke your cock for us. Slowly… And of course… Don’t Swallow. Not yet at least. You will collect all of your saliva in your cup. So lets try now. Spit into your cup for us. That’s it, like a good boy. Well done. So sexy. And Messy. Keep stroking. You will cum when we say so. Enjoy Cum Eating Encouragement With Drool Instructions by Liminaljet.

Part 1:

Part 3:

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3 Responses to “Cum Eating Encouragement With Drool Instructions by Liminaljet”

  1. Steff says:

    Part 2 is lost, nuuuuu~

  2. says:

    yeaie thank s madam/“ i love these kinda video i try to be good c” can u image my frustaion of being 45 and just cumin out so dam hard for cock when all i wanted was a fun family live , hey i don’t mind suck cock all. my live now if fact i hope i do i need more cum by the bus and lorry load i keep watching !
    kinda regarded darren x

  3. says:

    Eating cum was so easy no I can’t stop Thank you much love.


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