Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer

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You’ve wanted to suck cock for as long as you can remember. You’ve been preparing for it your whole life. Just to try it… Just to see how it feels… And tastes… Just a little taste, to see what it’s like. But you know if you taste his cum… You won’t be able to go back. One cock will never be enough. You have an intense craving for cock. And an uncontrollable urge to eat cum… To taste and swallow fresh cum… To eat multiple loads… And now it’s finally time for you TO FEED ON CUM! Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer from jlodalisque.


9 Responses to “Cum Addict: Cum Eating Addiction Trainer”

  1. says:

    Hey girlfriend. Its like first off o cant help but thanku for being uou n sharing as well. Its like hypnos have so made my life more fullfilling. But were does it end, as its likr i love cocks n strangers are often best. As is pleasing n pleasuring n looking hot for cock on the majority of thoughts these days as is pleasing hypnoscarlet

  2. dougie says:

    I am a cum eating whore… am a married man and must have cum in my mouth

  3. says:

    i so love this vid …. i love to spend my weekends all dressed up and hanging out at the porn stores sucking sweet cock and after they fill my mouth i give them my sissy ass/cunt to fuck …… im so fucking addicted to that sweet cock

  4. curious says:

    was great, i really want more encouragement in cuming straight into my mouth, im athletic and straight. shemale/tg are starting to interest me.

  5. Sissyssisu says:

    I love it. Cum eating making me more hot. All-time thinking about it.

  6. newtocs says:

    I’m otherwise strait, but I want to suck a cock and eat cum so bad, I can hardly take it. I want to feel a big cock deep down my throat, and thick warm cum filling my mouth.

  7. Sweeny sheep says:

    Terry lu Randall luvs swallowin semen just hppe she still gettin her dose daily

  8. David says:

    I enjoy eating my own cum I like the way it taste.I can not see letting it go to waste.

  9. says:

    My first time eating cum I swallowed 8 guy’s thick load’s and that’s all it took now I’m like please daddy can have more.addicted


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