Cockslave Sissy Training Series

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Follow each video in the series from 1 to 10. Follow the instructions to the letter. For the best experience possible, wear headphones in a darkened room wearing your best sissy outfit, shoes and make up. If you are not comfortable pursuing a cockslave sissy training, you should refrain from viewing this video series. Enjoy this series from Dana_Tara

Trainer 1 – Association and Arousal

Trainer 2 – Find Beauty in Every Picture

Trainer 3 – Abandon Power

Trainer 5 – Ultimate Cock Worship Redux

Welcome Cockslave to your new life!


5 Responses to “Cockslave Sissy Training Series”

  1. says:

    Like omg that was like heaven. My life is sho jacked up n yet it’s like I have desires of being a dirtified controlled whore. Yummy hotness

  2. says:

    It’s like someone is out to ruin me, as are they doing a really good job. N it’s like I had to erase my other phone last night, as was I almost in tears doing so. I have such trust issues anymore. It’s like I’m so messed up n so turned on all the time. I so love you

  3. says:

    Believe it or not, I often times throughout day and night. Get scared at times, how much of a craving I have or the desired to be owned or controlled by a beautiful Mistress or a beautiful cock

  4. says:

    Isabella Valentine rocks as does Tara, and you. U are like so insanely beautiful, ThankU

  5. marissa says:

    This is interesting but it isn’t likely to actually change a person irl. And what is all this stuff about a mistress the isn’t actually one you know? Well anyways goodnight.


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