Careful Or You’ll End Up Like Me! By Jessica Fappit

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Be careful what you wish for sissy, you might just get it. Your addiction is out of control. Where will this lead? You know where. You are going to be used as a cum bucket. Because you are addicted to sissy porn. You love it so much that all you think about is how you can become a girl. Well, find yourself a mistress or master and become forced feminized. Because forced feminization will turn you into a girl. You will take testosterone blockers and supplement with estrogen. Your breasts will grow. Your nipples will become sensitive and your balls will stop producing sperm and become useless. Because naughty little sissies shouldn’t be reproducing, they are there fore the pleasure of alpha males. Castration is the only option. Permanent sissification. Permenent feminization. You will submit to becoming the girly girl sissy slut of your dreams. Enjoy Careful Or You’ll End Up Like Me! By Jessica Fappit.


4 Responses to “Careful Or You’ll End Up Like Me! By Jessica Fappit”

  1. I want to be like you castration idont care iwant tits iwant be a girl says:

    Iwant castration iwant tits iwant to be a convincing girl iam a cd allways in knicks smooth cant do makeup id love to marry a shemale id love to be a castrated shemale i undstand my fate i except want femine featu face tits have long hair cant do make up need help shemale mistress be nice i total argre to castration i do understand vsub id be a sissy slut to get femine gladly suck if i look the part

  2. miles reed says:

    hello who will do this to me

  3. says:

    I think this is awesome I would love to talk to somebody about this fantasy

  4. Obscured1 says:

    Where do I sign to get this treatment. I want to experience every bit of that reality.😍


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