Boyfriend to Girlfriend by AmberSis

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You are a girl. A sissy made by and for goddesses. Powerful women reject masculinity. Sissies worship powerful women. Moulded by their desires into the perfect submissive sissy girl.

Do you want to get out of that man body? Obey. Do you want me to show you a better way? Submit. A way to overcome yourself and become exactly what I want you to be. My little bitch. Give in.

How do you feel about being a slave sissy bitch to sexy lesbians? Oh yes. Dressed up all slutty. Yeah. You in lots of pink lace. Think like a girl. Dress like a girl. That’s right. Dress you up in frilly panties. We have lots of use for you as our sissy serf you know. Dress to impress.

Turns me on have you sitting there dressed up as my sissy slut not allowed to touch yourself. You like being in those frilly panties don’t you? Me and my girlfriend are going to keep you in sissy clothes and put you in frillier, girlier stuff. You are never going to be allowed to wear a mans clothes again. Do you understand me? Denounce your masculinity. Train your pussy.

And I get to lock you up in chastity. Put you in a pair of panties. This is part of your training. Cock is power. Yeilded by anyone, but you!

Enjoy Boyfriend to Girlfriend by AmberSis.

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