From Boy To Sissy Doll by AmberSis

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Throw away your masculinity. Embrace sissyhood. Sign the contract below. DO IT NOW!

  1. I hereby surrender my body to the whims of men and I acknowledge that I exist only to indulge their sexual pleasure.
  2. I will extinguish all traces of my male identity. I identify only as a sissy, a slut, a whore and a bimbo.
  3. I shall wear feminine clothes designed to present my body and to attract and excite men.
  4. I shall remaine smooth and hairless from the eyebrows down, maintaining a feminine body and removing any and all traces of masculinity.
  5. I will regularly wear a butt-plug and my clitty will stay limp, useless and locked in chastity.
  6. My mouth and ass are my only sexual organs. Their primary purpose is to be used by men.
  7. I shall service men in any way they choose, obediant and subserviant to their sexual demands.
  8. I shall recieve cum anywhere in or on my body, in accordance with the wishes of my partner/s.
  9. I shall pleasure as many men as possible, stimulating them regularly in whatever ways they see fit.

Enjoy From Boy To Sissy Doll by AmberSis.


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  1. sissydog says:

    i like it


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