Bisexual Hypnosis Trainer

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For all intents and purposes you’re a very normal, very virile and very straight male. But you also like the idea of stroking to COCK don’t you! How does that one work? I know you like doing that. I know that you have these little forced bi tendencies. If your cock grew hard at the start of this clip, which I am sure it did. Looking at how you are dressed right now. I am sure that it has remained that way even with that juicy thick cock on the screen. Isn’t that right? I want to tell you that it’s OK. It’s just a fantasy. It’s just a fetish. So I want you to embrace it today. Endulge in it. Really allow yourself to have that which it is that you crave. Allow yourself to enjoy jerking to cock. Enjoy Bisexual Hypnosis Trainer.


2 Responses to “Bisexual Hypnosis Trainer”

  1. Pinkpretty85 says:

    Love this video masterpiece

  2. sissyfagmitch says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the Australian/NZ lady who voices this? the original clip has her in a green dress with pink panties, dark hair, star tattoos on her upper left arm? i’m looking to buy her clips


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