Beta Boy Into Feminized Sissy Slave by Princess-Aries

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Do you like feminine little sissy sluts? Do you want to own one as a sex slave? Sissies need to serve masters. Yet, so many of them are too weakwilled to seek out masters on their own. Therefore, the responsibility of discovering and drawing out the true potential of a sissy falls on Alpha masters. Like hunter and prey sissies will keep running away until they are found by someone with a stronger will who will overpower them. To help with this, I will try to explain some of the weaknesses of those beta bois that will help exploit and enslave them. Enjoy Beta Boy Into Feminized Sissy Slave by Princess-Aries.

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2 Responses to “Beta Boy Into Feminized Sissy Slave by Princess-Aries”

  1. Krystle Claire Des Nuages says:

    the first time I saw this I was blown away. A litteral step by step method for changing a mind that wants to be femme. great video. I am stund noone thought of it sooner. Why should I be I wasn;t scowering the net for something like it at all. Stay gold!

  2. mattmoka says:

    found anything like this on the internet? it is sublime <3


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