The Sissy Hypnosis Club was created by myself, Brandy Little. I hope you enjoy it. I started it in late 2014. I first got hooked on sissy hypnosis with Emma Nice’s Sissymaker which I know you love too. I first got into loving shemale porn because of Danyelle Evangelista who I love still to this day.

Here are some videos of my favorite sissy role models. This is only a small selection because I love so many. But these are the sissy sluts I will watch over and over again:

Danyelle Evangelista (she basically is my heroine. I love her so much. ‘The World According to Dany’ was the first shemale DVD I ever saw!) I picked this scene because she gets fucked with both her legs on the guys shoulders, that’s how I like to be fucked:

Bianca Freire (she is just gorgeous!). I picked this scene because she is dressed up with a slutty schoolgirl outfit and pigtails, and I love pigtails:

Sarina Valentina (I’ve followed her career from before she started porn). I picked this scene because she used to have a tongue piercing and I love tongue piercings, it’s the reason why I have one. They are hot!:

Bailey Jay (she is the #1 and still as gorgeous as ever. Loves cum like me!) I picked this solo scene because Bailey is such a slut in it with her sexy silver micro mini skirt which is to die for, when she shoots all over the camera and licks it up, that is just so hot!):

Natalia Fubotas (She only did a couple of scenes but she is still the most feminine sissy slut I have ever seen. She is amazing. She is definitely one I try to emulate) I picked this scene because she is at her most feminine and stunning, learn from her girls!:

Nicole Charming (She is also a gorgeous sissy slut, now a real girl since she has an innie and not an outie) I chose this scene because at 11:56 this is another way I like to be fucked, total domination when you are being fucked like that):

Lily Demure (She’s such a sissy slut. Another sissy girl for you to emulate). I chose this scene because of her facial reactions to being fucked from 6:14. Really cute:

Izabelly Marquesine (She has grown up so much, if you look at her latest Facebook under the name she is one of the most stunning sissy sluts you will ever meet. Now a model, formerly an escort) I chose this scene because she’s still so innocent:

Amy Amour (One of the most gorgeous Thai ladyboy sissy sluts). I chose this scene because she is intoxicated and free while getting fucked. It is extremely erotic when she cums at 20:37 while being fucked all over the camera lens and licks it off. Such a slut to emulate:

Sapphire (She only did a couple of scenes, but she is so petite and sexy. Her outfit is really cute) I chose this scene because of how she gives a blowjob, really hot. Emulate her blowjob skills:

Erica Bratil (She was quite innocent in this scene, but loved being fucked by these two guys.) I chose this scene because she is so cute and I have emulated her sexiness in my transition:

Aline Brathio & Erica Bratil (In the same family I believe, two brothers who became two sisters.) I chose this scene because both sisters are together on screen and I have a sneeky feeling they have been intimite together before which makes it even hotter. I couldn’t embed this video. You can watch it .

I could go on with many more scenes and slutty sissy girls I love. But, these twelve scenes will do for now. I hope you enjoy them and use them to become the most gorgeous sissy slut you can be. Emulate these sissy girlies…

I love to make you squirt in a glass and lick it up! 😉

I am not available for personal attention at the moment. Too many people have contacted me wanting to become better sissies. At least five new sissy sluts want attention daily. I don’t have the time or resources to help everyone and not everyone is serious enough to be turned from boy into girl – taking hormones scares a lot of boys. Most sissies want to have the rush of being dressed and masterbating their dicks red raw, but after pumping out a gob of spunk they return to squeamish loser boys. Most don’t even want to swallow their own cumload, I don’t know why they don’t lap it up, its tasty. Try it! So I have decided to pull my contact details. I cannot help you personally. Sorry for anyone I didn’t get a chance to email back. I know there are hundreds of you that emailed. I would have loved to have helped you all become sissy girly girl whores that use your body for the pleasure of hunky guys.

However, I am tempted to create The Sissy Hypnosis Club through the virtual reality game , so everyone can remain anonymous and protect their identities and help each other without having to do the hard work of really turning into a femboy, shemale, tranny, sissy slut whore in real life. Some of you I know have families. There are a lot of boys who have girly avatars in SecondLife and why shouldn’t you. Millions of different styles of outfits, shoes, jewelry can be purchased to satisfy even the most discreet sissy girly girl. Of course you can dress and wear make up in real life while you play with others in SecondLife and even earn money through voice and cam work (they also have voice morphing so you can sound more girly). There is a huge trans and gay community in SecondLife that will be only too happy to help. Of course everyone can look sexy, dress sexy, fuck suck and cum together through a pretty avatar. This helps most overweight trucker sissies who may be a little on the shy side. If this interests you, please message me in SecondLife. My name in SecondLife is Kimberley Henhouse. You can sign up for free right now at . When you are signed up join our group: Sissy Hypnosis Club. See you there.



37 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim O brien says:

    I beginning to feel more feminine each day. Can you help me.

  2. Mikeysis says:

    Tonight thanks to you sissy mindbreaker series I vow to taste cum.

  3. Mikeysis says:

    Tonight thanks to you sissy mindbreaker series I vow to taste cum.

  4. destiny says:

    ohhhhh ohhh

  5. Sammi says:

    I have been listening to so many hypno, I finally got the courage to place an ad in craigslist for a daddy and I found three. I ended up meeting one of the. In the parking lot of a Walmart today, he forced me to deep throat him. Caused me to gag and then blew his load in my mouth and all over my face, he then kicked me out of his car and I was standing there in the parking lot, with my face cover in his cum. I drove all the way home that way.,I have never felt like such a used cum slut more in my life.

  6. calico says:

    I simply love this place. Thank you so much for allowing us to be who we were meant to be!

  7. Vera says:

    Thank you for your video training, I am now a cock whore. Ready to serve cock, have had my teeth pulled so I can gum a cock, my boi holes well used. I will am always ready for the next big cock to be shoved down my throat.

  8. Marlene says:

    Wow thanx for this briliant site. This cuck will follow X

  9. Koneko says:

    Thx for this site :D!!!

  10. Jenni says:

    Here is my dream. Hopefully it can come true! Just need the right push

  11. bobbybare says:

    am 55 and been a crossdresser since i was13…… when i dress i feel like a girl and want to experience sex as a girlfriend making my boy friend feel so good he is moaning and groaning as he flls me with his tastey manjuice……..trying to get men to pick me up and getting on floor and licking his cock as he makes me look into his eyes and making me tell him how good his cock tastes………

  12. says:

    I love this site. Have been looking for this kind of sites for a long time.

  13. Xena says:

    I am Xena I am a cross dresser. I dress up almost all the time and when I do it dress super sexy. I have been watching your hypnosis Vida for a few years now. I have been an escort and have tried pole dancing. I have been with several black bulls. I also enjoy eating cum 😉 have experience in bdsm as well. I love being a sissy cum slut gangbang junkie. Maybe you can be my mistriss/goddess. I would let you pimp me and you would have unlimited use of my cunt holes 😉 I also enjoy doing some substances.

  14. lipstick man says:

    Love dress in woman bra panties wear sexy slut dress put on lipstick wanting suck my first cock

  15. lipstick man says:

    Love dress in woman bra panties wear sexy slut dress put on lipstick wanting suck my first cock so who first

  16. Boone/Kandii says:

    I’m so worthless as an excuse of a man. I wish my penis would flip into a vagina so I could please three cocks at the same time. I’m so Awkward in my skin I wish I can wear fishnet stalkings Super mini skirt so random men could walk up and stick his/their fingers in my pussy and ass hehehe

  17. Courtney says:


    It looks like I can’t get off the home page today for some reason. Yesterday I was able to look through the pages of videos, but today, the NEXT and LAST and all the number links return me to the home page.

    I’ve tried two different browsers, Safari and Firefox, both in Private/Incognito mode, but same effects.

    You don’t need to keep this post up on the site; I’m just hoping you can resolve the access issue.

    I do love the videos you’ve linked. Thanks for putting this site together.


    (BRANDY: I will look into it for you.)

  18. Cassidoll says:

    This site is nuts I am only a part time CD but this type of site with a forceful and caring moderator/author and training routines..would seriously change a guy haha so everyone be warned

  19. Paulette says:

    What is the name of the song you used in the Black Cock Slut Trainer video? This one:

    What is the name of the that choral song in the middle?

  20. Sissy Sara says:

    I started watching Hypno Videos about 5yrs ago, I didn’t think much about it,I really didn’t think that it was having any effect one my, Then one day I found my self at work day dreaming of sucking cock. I was really getting turned on by my day dream to the point that I had to go to the rest room and masterbate.
    The next week I bought my first pair of panties.I started wearing them all the time, before I knew all I owned wear g strings and things and boy short panties no more mens underwear for me. I was truly happier wearing them. Still I didn’t think the hypno videos where doing anything, But I cant stop watching them. When I watch then now I get dizzy and light headed thou.
    a few months ago I started really flirting with the other men at work. Not normal for me since I pretty much would keep to myself at work. A few of the guys really caught on to the fact that I was coming on to them. I didn’t realize that I was doing that it seemed natural to do that.
    One afternoon my supervisor dropped a big pile of paper work on my desk late and said he would really like it if I stayed late with him and got it all done.
    That night while working with him he called me into his office, his pants wear off his cock was out and hard, I dropped to my knees and started sucking it right away, I was in sissy heaven. He started calling me slut, sissy faggot, ect, I loved it
    I’m now known secretly around the office as the office slut. And I owe it all to watching Sissy hypno videos

  21. says:

    I’d really love to have you review one or more of my sissy hypnosis MP3s. It seems you have a very nice little community here!

    Brandy: Thank you. Hope our sissy sluts will check out your mp3’s and review them here 🙂

  22. stephanieshawsissy says:

    how do you join the group in secondlife

  23. Crissy Cox says:

    Being a sissy girl makes my life complete and finding this
    site and seeing all the sissy girl video, I find myself
    a little jealous. Why? It’ pretty simple actually, I
    would love being on the receiving end in quite a few
    of these videos. For example; Sissy Obsession Part 4, I
    see myself on my knees with that gorgeous cock needing
    to be in mouth and that cock would finally realize the
    That the expression,” That’ the best head job, its ever had… had just happened. I have a smile on my face as I say this, I will love being me…a sissy girl 4 life.

  24. ajaj941 says:

    I want to became a good sissy but now im a student and not ready yet…. so i need have some time and want to enter the sissy school when i in society and make money
    Can i get a chance?

  25. Lesley says:

    Thank you for all of this Brandy!

  26. Cumbunny says:

    I will be a good slut for the bbc and I will never complain about the way I will be used for the satisfaction of the most important thing in the world. ..big cocks

  27. Cumbunny says:

    I will always wear sexy lingerie to show respect to the bbc and I will bounce like a good sweet slut

  28. Danilynn Murphy says:

    I have been a cross-dressing for 40 yrs. I’m 47 the past 15 yrs I’ve been more feminine also anal play with dildos having obsessed attraction to hung men especially BBC Appetite that arouses me I know I’m meant to be a sissy I accept my feminine role and want to live as her full time I need some coaching and tips to be passable

  29. juan says:

    pleasse send me a hypnos

  30. Sara says:

    I saw your tumblr and thought you have seen more of this than most and may be able to answer my questions… I have been married to my wife for awhile now and about 4 years ago we stopped having sex and i eventually ended up on the couch…its a long story…but since that time i started chatting online as sara and have become more drawn to dominant men…My wife has no idea and i am wondering if you think i have gone too far or if this can somehow be reversed? i live in Maine and don’t know if i should seek counseling help or seek another kind of guidance as you would tell me to follow… any thoughts are appreciated ! Thank You! me

    (Brandy: It’s a familiar story. You are probably at a point where you are wondering whether to make these feminine thoughts real. All I have to ask is this, after you’ve had an orgasm, how do you feel? Do you still want to dress up, wear make up, want to suck cock and swallow cum? If, after you cum you want to get all that stuff away from you, then this is merely a fetish. If you still want to wear those stilettos, suck that dick and swallow that semen, then you should move forward. There are many support groups that can help online, especially on Reddit for both sides of the fence! If you don’t want to continue this lifestyle then set up strict parental controls (make sure you are unable to change them!), make sure that everything feminine is destroyed. Stop watching any kind of porn, whether it is online, in magazines or newspapers. *ALL* pornography is homosexual in nature and is designed to make you gay. After a while of no longer looking at this content it is possible that you will start to find your wife attractive once again and you will want to have sex with her. However, do whatever you want. It’s a new age. So many feminine men have transitioned and they love their new lifestyle. No longer are they looked down upon. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do. I recommend you try your fetish out in SecondLife, where even 300lb truck drivers with huge beards can play out their fantasies as blonde bimbos, it is possible that after a while you will just get bored and give it up. But maybe you won’t. Maybe you should transition. Maybe you shouldn’t. Either way, it’s ok.)

  31. Clara says:

    Trop cher

  32. Denny says:

    Love the site, thanks for being you. Too bad you had the scrub contact info, but it’s for the best I assume.

  33. Sissy megan says:

    So I’m new to being a sissy but I’ve always liked to wear girls panties I remember putting on my first thong when I was young. So I love the idea of being a total submissive slutt but sense cL got rid of casual encounters I can’t find any daddy’s to play with so I was wondering if anyone one here had any suggestions where I could find some D and also does anyone know a good sight for toys cloths wigs ?

  34. Mike says:

    Sorry to bother. Do you know who Emperor Hypnos is? I would like to email them and learn who a model/actress that appears in their videos is. I’m infatuated, and I don’t know with whom. Thanks. Mike

  35. says:

    Can I send pics anywhere

  36. tee says:

    < we /ove thes $ite

  37. Dan says:

    I can only assume that the various hypnotist’s here have had various degrees of success in their endeavors, I just am wondering what y’all are doing right that my veteran behavioral health practitioners are failing at. They have tried several times to get me into a hypnotic trance and have failed completely.


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