6th Annual Sissy Hypnosis Awards 2020

Hi girls. Sorry for the delay but the nominees are now in. is presenting her 6th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2020 event. Categories include: Best Videos, Best Audio, Best Blog and Best Miscellaneous (Yes we are listed! Please vote for Sissy Hypnosis Club in the Miscellaneous category – Not that I am trying to influence you – Much! <3). Please help vote for best of Sissy Hypno from 2019.Vote for your favorites! Voting ends March 14th. Results will be shared March 16th. Watch / Listen / Read and then select your favorites and see you on March 16th.

6th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2020


What an incredible year for video. So much talent in our community! Thanks to all the talented contributors! Remember you can still vote for your favorite even if it’s not on this list by entering a custom option. has chosen the 9 most popular sissy hypnosis videos for you to choose for the best Sissy Hypnosis Video. Plus there’s one option for ‘Other’ on the :

EmperorHypnos: Sissymaker 7 BBC

HypnoCypher: HypnoSissy

Hypno Therapy Zero

Maxxsub: Cock Zombie

Miscon: Do Me

Miscon only uses HypnoTube which forbids embedding of videos.

jamiedccd: Sissy Mommy Hypno

Sissy Hypno Slut: Become the Whore

TomTame: Why Not Be a Doll?

HypnoCypher: Technologic Sissy


This is for the hardcore girls. Videos are sissy mainstream but audio clips? Mmmm that’s where your mind gets really fucked up and some serious mental feminization occurs. So please vote for your favorite audio program!:


R.I.P. Tumblr. But hey there are plenty of other sources where we can find delightful captions. Here are some of the best.


There have been tremendous works of art and sexiness this past year that do not fit neatly into any of our other categories. Here are a few of the most upvoted, high quality, and most talked about content in this category. (Yes! Please vote for Sissy Hypnosis Club in the Miscellaneous category <3 )

Sissy Hypnosis Club



7 Responses to “6th Annual Sissy Hypnosis Awards 2020”

  1. Sissy Louisa says:

    Thank you ♥️💞♥️

  2. Gino Cobretti says:

    Can you please work on multi layer penis shrink and penis numbing hypnosis loop. Or penis shrink and stay limp penis subliminal music

  3. seanette careu says:

    HI just wondering if these are sissy faggot hypnos why are there always just woman in them…. I want to see sissy men… like me dress fem and sexy and taking cock oral anal.. bondage naughty cum drinking ass fucking Man/sissy sex… why is it all woman?

    • Check out the other videos on this site. If you watch as much as I do you know that some of the best sissy hypnos are transgender. There are some stunning transgender MtF gurls in the world, many on Chaturbate. I will be posting another ‘top 5 transgender MtF’ post soon. These gurls are making a lot of money with their enhanced bodies. Something all of us should be considering in our transition from Boi to gurly gurl <3

  4. miles says:

    mmmmm I want to be a sissie

  5. says:

    Thank you Brandy and Sissy Jasmine for adding me into the “best video” category for this event <3 May the best win!
    I just want to add that the captioned version of the video "SissyHypnos" also exists. For the more curious, you can see it here:


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