5th Annual Sissy Hypnosis Awards 2019


Results published April 20th!

Hi girls. Sorry for the delay but the nominees are now in. is presenting her 5th Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2019 event. Categories include: Best Videos, Best Audio, Best Captions and Best Miscellaneous. Please help vote for best of Sissy Hypno of 2018.



There were over 143 videos that were considered for this years awards. We have chosen the most popular 10 videos for you to choose for the best Sissy Hypnosis Video of 2018:

Leyendecker: Sissy Perfect Trainer

AmberSis: Acceptance

SissygalJasmine: Sissy Maker 3

AnnaMKD: Cum Challenge For BBC Lovers

SissyStudent: Cock Service

Trasimene: I am a Slave to Cock

KatieKross: Sissy Faggot Crossdresser Slut Dirty Talk Compilation

HypnoFiend: Stroke Challenge

BackDoorMan: Sissy Dreaming

BackDoorMan only uses HypnoTube which forbids embedding of videos.

AnalCumBunny: Fuck You All The Time



2018 was another great year for sissy hypno audio. Here are the top two creators again, Mistress Stella and Bambi Sleep, and two sites that were nominated for best sissy hypnosis audio:



Since the demise of Tumblr many other communities have sprang from the ashes in 2018. Here are four of the best of 2018.



There were five miscellaneous sites nominated for the 2019 Sissy Hypnosis Awards. Please check them out and pick one of the five as the best for 2018:

Sissy Hypnosis Club




Results published April 20th


6 Responses to “5th Annual Sissy Hypnosis Awards 2019”

  1. Sindi says:

    I’ve been waiting forever. I’m so happy now.

  2. Rachel says:

    I love this club…and the videos help me become more femme and help keep me as a sissy…I would be happy to receive an e.mail every day

  3. says:

    I really love this club and cock sucking videos .. blush I love how sissy it makes me feel

  4. goo says:

    there is nothing stronger than Sissymaker 6 by emperror hypnos, all those here are child’s game compared to it

  5. says:

    I am a little sweet sexy cumbunny for the black cock and I will always bounce like a good girl and never complain

  6. says:

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