SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by EmperorHypnos

SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition - EmperorHypnos


So my little sissy hypno sluts. You feminised subservient whore. You know your ultimate goal is to serve big black cock. Let the sissy hypnosis wash over you making you a girly gurl, all dressed up in feminine frilly clothing wearing thick slutty make-up just aching to be penetrated by big black dick. Being submissive is how you live your life, an inferior boi used and abused by black alpha males. You love being a whore for black cock. Swallowing cum. You love being a sissy hypnosis whore. Enjoy SissyMaker 7 BBC Edition by .

I Want You To Crave Cum by Anniewankenobi

I Want You To Crave Cum - AnnieWankenobi

I want you to crave cum. Fucking crave it. Crave the taste of cum at night when you are masturbating. Delicious. I know you’re going to taste cum. It tastes so good. I want to be a dirty cum dumb whore. Why try to hide it. It feels so good to eat your own cum. Get ready. Open your mouth. Let it go all into your mouth and all over your face. Enjoy I Want You To Crave Cum by Anniewankenobi.

Bimbo Doll Program by MasterJYouObey

Bimbo Doll Program - MasterJYouObey

Imagine you are a pretty bimbo doll with long flowing golden blond hair, full lips, long lashes, deep green eyes and a flawless complexion. The more you pretend the more you believe you are a pretty bimbo doll with loose morals. Every time you close your eyes remember what it’s like to be a pretty bimbo doll because that is what you are. Which means you need to act like a pretty bimbo doll in every way. The more you become a pretty bimbo doll the better. You will have more opportunity to be fucked in your pretty bimbo doll mouth and boi pussy. Alpha males love pretty bimbo dolls so this is your opportunity to become what you have been imagining all your life. Every time you see a man from now on you will remember you are a pretty bimbo doll. Sooner or later you will have your wish granted and you will become a pretty bimbo doll. Enjoy Bimbo Doll Program by MasterJYouObey.

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Part 2:

Part 3:

The Ultimate Cum Craving by HornyCompilations

The Ultimate Cum Craving - HornyCompilations

You’ve seen hundreds of these scenes. Beautiful girls getting their faces glazed. Their mouths filled by thick loads of cum. And you just love to watch them. But why? Why wouldn’t you watch them getting fucked? Why do you want to see all that cum? Why is the saliva gathering in your mouth? It’s simple. You want that cum! You want to feel a cock unloading in your mouth. You want your mouth to be full. So you can savor the sweet and salty taste. Feel the amazing texture of it. Use your tongue to play with it. Catching it with your hands so no drop gets wasted. All while looking up to the dripping cock that made all of this possible. That’s everything you want. That’s everything you deserve. You little cumslut. Enjoy The Ultimate Cum Craving by HornyCompilations.

Sissy Hypnosis Club – Update…


Hey Gurls. I am going to be updating the Sissy Hypnosis Club website over the next few days to make it mobile friendly. The site has been losing ranking in Google and I know a lot of you are accessing the site with a mobile device. So it’s time to make the change. If the site looks a little strange over the next few days, that’s the reason. Wanted to let you know what was happening before it happens <3 xxx


Brandy Little – Sissy Hypnosis Club


Sissy Mindmeld by LilyTheSissy

Sissy Mindmeld - LilyTheSissy

Hello sissy. I’m glad you are here. But I must warn you, the effects of this video are irreversible. But you don’t care do you? Good. That’s what I thought. Have fun sissy. Bounce on his cock. You are inferior slut. Let him destroy your ass. You love to be dominated. His cock makes you cum. You are his useless toy. This is what you want. This is what you need. Get fucked in public. Submit to alpha cock. This is what you live for. Practice on yourself. Good slut. Train your boipussy. I know you crave this. Spread your legs. Let him take control. Relax and be a good girl. You could be just like them. Toys for alpha males. Never use a condom. Swallow his cum. You want cock in your sissy mouth, then your boipussy. If you’re still watching, I have some bad news… I know who you are. I know what you crave. It’s no secret, sissy. You want to be used like the sissy faggot I know you are. Enjoy Sissy Mindmeld by LilyTheSissy.

Sissy Sluts Always Swallow by AnnieWankenobi

Sissy Sluts Always Swallow - AnnieWankenobi

Cum whores aren’t born they are made and that is why you are here. Whores are always cum thirsty. Aching for mouthful after mouthful of jizz. So fucking tasty. Smile. You love cum. Gum in a glass and drink it. Taste what they taste. Cum swallowing consumes your brain. This is what you really want. Tasty. Your tongue craves it. Eat cum. Find out what the fuss is about. You know you would love this to be you. You’re dying to say your favorite words… cum in my mouth, please cum in my mouth. Feed your jizz addiction. Enjoy Sissy Sluts Always Swallow by AnnieWankenobi.

Sissy Whore Motivation by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty

Sissy Whore Motivation - Slutty-Sissy-Kitty

Desire drives you. Lust drives you. It is pleasurable toserve real men. Your body craves it. Your mind yearns for it. Whoredom is bliss. Sluttery is fun. Worship cock. Serve men. Get ready to serve alpha cock. Envy this whore you need to be her. Be liberated and use your body to entertain real men. Men need their ballsacks drained. No strings attached men want a needy hole ready to be used. Men want cock addicted whores ready to be used, degraded, abused and humiliated. Serve cock and feel the lust awakening. The beautiful and natural place is serving your gods. Having a purpose and knowing your fate is a gift. Be proud to be a whore designed to serve alpha men. Enjoy Sissy Whore Motivation by Slutty-Sissy-Kitty.

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